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02 May 2009 - 02:3613764
PVC leggings.
Essentially I'm wanting to make Space Yoko from Gurren Lagann. But I'm really unsure how I should go about making skintight leggings. Does anyone have any ideas of how I should go about it? Info for the bottom boot heels would also be appreciated. ^^




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02 May 2009 - 07:5313766
You're best bet would be to find a pair of white, thigh high pvc boots, then make a pair of pvc white shorts, and use the red band to hide the join. That will probably be quite expensive though, my boots we £99 and that was years ago.

Failing that, you'll probably want to make a pair of pcv leggings that go down to become boot covers. You elasticate the bottom of the boot covers, adn put velcro on the heel, and then you can wear any thing you like underneath as long as they have the right heel. Makes it much easier to find something in a charity shop.

I made leggings recently by making a pair of tightish trousers, putting them on, and marking where I needed to take the seams in, until they fitted snuggly. PVC and vinal (sp?) can be quite stretch, but you might find you need to put a zip up the inside leg.

08 May 2009 - 23:1514160
I would suggest you first make a 'rough' - pattern that fits your legs. - You could use an old pair of close fitting jeans or trousers as a start then whilst wearing them pin the material (using safety pins) all along the seams to make them skintight. That can be your pattern to cut a PVC front and back and sew them into leggins.
Though from the artwork I'd say the leggins don't appear to be made of PVC to me. PVC doesn't have much give in real life. I think 4 way streatch lycra would look much better. You can get it in some great colours and finishes. It's not easy to sew though so be warned.

Also I needn't mention (but I will ) streatch lycra is infamous for clinging tightly around various body contours (think Linford Christie on the 100m sprint track!) There are NO hiing places in skin tight lycra. ..So have fun developing your 'hiding' skills

09 May 2009 - 08:2814167
A mock-up of some sort which you can then use as your pattern will be important, as others have said. I think the hardest part is combining it all in one piece with bootcovers, so that’s what’s going to take the most experimentation. Get the base shoes you want to use, look up bootcover tutorials like this, decide on how you’ll be doing the covers then work out extending them up your legs into leggings. If you can get cheap stretch fabric to experiment with for the mock-up, that’d certainly help you out. The stretch will be much more forgiving and easy to fit than non-stretch!

Maybe buy cheap leggings (Primark!) to chop up to use as a pattern. If you want to buy an actual pattern, Kwik Sew should have some, and bodysuit ones can be helpful here too. Remember that with stretch fabric, you don’t necessarily need many seams. Leggings can be done solely with an inner leg seam and one at the back. That gives the anime seamless effect. I doubt you’d achieve that when trying to combine in the boots, you’re liable to need a seam right down the front of your legs, but perhaps think it through to minimise seams. If you’re sewing on the stars and detail, you’ll also need to plan it to sew them on before completely sewing up the leggings.

Also, pvc is not very friendly to work with - if you need to topstitch, you’ll need a Teflon sewing machine foot, or to use talcum powder or tissue paper on the surface.

10 May 2009 - 00:0114178
hope i can help
if you email me i will send you a pattern to follow, as said before lycra would be softer and more comfy and you can get it in wet look so it will look like pvc,you can get 2 way stretch and 4 way stretch, try to get the 4 way that stretches up and across.
plus you can glue the stars on to lycra but you will prob have to sew them onto pvc.
please let me know if i can help.
you are welcome to meet and use my workshop.
im in bristol.
here to help

10 May 2009 - 00:3614179
Thank you for the advice all!
I may go for the lycra option now seeing as how uncomfortable and possible unworkable PVC would be.
Thankyou for the bootcover guide Angelphie.

Sorry Kaz I wouldn't be able to go to the workshop as I live on the other end of the country, but I am interested in the pattern. Thankyou. ^^

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