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29 Apr 2009 - 11:4913633
Double sided Body Tape
Hey all, sorry for the bad question but I guess other people can use it.

Anyway, just wanting to know where I can order in time or go to buy some GOOD double sided body tape? You know the stuff. The kind that keeps ya strapless top up.

But I need it to be good and strong because it's going to be keeping up my "stocking" and keep my feet on thge souls and keep a swimsuit against my body so it doesn gap when I twist and turn.

I did buy a superdrug brand a while ago, but that didn't prove useful and just kind of wrinkled up and was uncomfortable to the MAX.

Any other suggestions of how to keep such and such up would be help also. =3


29 Apr 2009 - 11:5313634
I used 3M brand (medical grade toupee tape) to keep my LeBlanc on. I picked it up from ebay for about £4 a roll

There is always room for cake
29 Apr 2009 - 11:5513635
A good prosthetic adheasive also works really well. But that's the expensive-can't-get-off-without-help-of-chemicals method.


29 Apr 2009 - 12:5313637
I did hear that top designers spray their models feet with strong hairspray to stop them slipping out of their crazy shoes.

Might not be relevant to your shoe style, but it's handy to know

29 Apr 2009 - 16:0913649
@GunstarVixen - I'll have to look into buying some of that then since that seems more in my price range.

Though, could always steal my friend's spirit gum to help XD

@Amy-Lou - Oddly enough, That might work since the "show" I need help to keep on has a rim of fur on it XD So didn't know that about designers.


29 Apr 2009 - 16:2813650
If you need it in a hurry, then La Senza has some, can't vouch for the effectiveness, though it was reccomended to me by someone else who used it to hold up stockings.

Dunno how effective it'd be for holding up swimsuits, but normal double-sided (not specifically for bodies) kept my Bob Fossil sideys in place no bother, you just have to be really careful taking it off, cos it hurts a bit (mainly cos it was on my face & pulling out hairs. lol).

29 Apr 2009 - 17:5413652

is the stuff I use, this is also the seller bought it from. It's actually £4.99 (I bought loads at the same time so I couldn't remember how much it was) and it worked really well for me.

There is always room for cake
30 Apr 2009 - 19:3613717
I use carpet tape. It's seriously strong but has never taken off my skin, and I have quite delicate and sensitive skin.

Your mileage may vary, of course - but it kept me in Tira!

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