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18 May 2009 - 18:5114579
In some ways my dad expects me to act like an adult and is forever reminding me of my age and in other ways he's trying to forget how old I am (aka throwing a fit about me staying round a guys house when I was 18 and still being iffy about it now I'm 21... lol).

Makes me laugh also how he said things like the London bombings shouldn't make me be scared to go on the underground, I should live my life ect ect. Yet he doesn't think I should dress "gothy" or travel in cosplay in case I get stabbed like that alternative couple did a year or so ago -_-

18 May 2009 - 21:4314588
I unfortunately have just been thrown into the worst position I have imaginable. My mum gave me into trouble for buying expensive cosplay stuff (this item was a quarter of the price it would normally be) and threatened to somehow suspend my ebay account if I buy any more. I really don't know what to do at the moment as I can't work due to exams coming up and I am practically unable to move out and live on my own for various reasons. X.X

19 May 2009 - 18:1014636
Quote Leonie Heartilly:
Makes me laugh also how he said things like the London bombings shouldn't make me be scared to go on the underground, I should live my life ect ect. Yet he doesn't think I should dress "gothy" or travel in cosplay in case I get stabbed like that alternative couple did a year or so ago -_-

Exactly! I never see why so many people say that you should not stop living your life due to fear and yet at the same time they say this! Such double standards.DX

21 May 2009 - 18:5714771
Quote TheInkOfDoom:
This seems to be the case for quite a few people! I guess parents see you as a 'child' who's under their control until you've left home and are totally self sufficient! Personally I find that frame of mind very hard to understand.

Haha! A lot of parents will see you as a child, no matter how old or where you are, because you'll always be their child.

As for my parents... My mum thinks it's great because I've now learned to sew, work with wood and have generally done many more creative things lately than I used to. She also likes showing off my costumes; one time when my aunt was visiting, my mum insisted I put on my costumes to show them to my aunt.. A bit embarrassing but it turned out that my aunt absolutely loved it.
My dad thinks it's a bit silly, but won't say it because it's something I like to do and put a lot of effort into. He'll also help me out with learning to use new tools, and will try and help me think of solutions when I'm stuck.

They do, of course, complain when I take up the kitchen table for days on end.

25 May 2009 - 20:0714881
My mom loves to help me with cosplay. We sit and talk about it all the time. We've got all the stuff for it and we get a few commisions every now and then. It's really fun working with her on getting my cosplays exactly right. So yea, my mom is totally supportive. But my dad on the other hand...

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25 May 2009 - 21:1514889
Quote Jeff_Kamiki_Jurai:
I unfortunately have just been thrown into the worst position I have imaginable. My mum gave me into trouble for buying expensive cosplay stuff (this item was a quarter of the price it would normally be) and threatened to somehow suspend my ebay account if I buy any more. I really don't know what to do at the moment as I can't work due to exams coming up and I am practically unable to move out and live on my own for various reasons. X.X

Ouch, that's kind of harsh if it's your own money. My mum's quite similar, she keeps reminding me that I should get a job rather than rely on student loans for funding cosplay but obviously no one is hiring. She thinks all cosplayers are total nutters, which I guess is largely true. She does occasionally help me with the little sewing things I can't do which is nice, but she definitely thinks it's weird.
Best argument in defence of cosplay- it is better to spend your money on that rather than drugs and alcohol. That usually silences my mum.
I rarely speak to my dad about my personal life, so he doesn't really have an opinion on it at all I guess!

04 Aug 2009 - 19:2618076
My parents are pretty awesome when it comes to cosplay. My mum helps with sewing and prop making and my dad does all of the photos of me wearing the costumes.
Although, I can't seem to make them cosplay anything yet... xD

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04 Aug 2009 - 19:5218077
My parents are cool about it.My mum helps me with stuff sometimes. I've been cosplaying since 2002 so they're used to seeing making and wearing ridiculous things XD

04 Aug 2009 - 23:3218087
I think my parents are impressed by my self-taught sewing skills, but wish I'd use it on something more...normal? They're constantly saying "your skills are wasted, they are" every time i show them a costume.

My mum asks how I'm getting on with them, but really doesn't know the first thing about sewing (which is why my little amount of skill impresses her so much). My dad...i'm not sure about him xD

He's helped me with a few props here and there, but it's mostly "here, i cut this out. now do the rest yourself."

As long as I don't spend too much money, which I have qualms about, myself, and got my revision and such done when i was in school, it's fine. I mostly get left to it now i've moved everything upstairs where they can't see the mess.

My nan's been staying over recently and keeps asking to see what I'm making. I keep having to make excuses, saying "oh it's not done yet" and so on, because she'll think I've gone absolutly insane!

05 Aug 2009 - 05:5218092
Last night my dad asked me if I ever thought I was getting a bit "senior" for this costuming malarkey. I do worry about my age a lot, but ultimately I figure that I enjoy making costumes enough that I have no reason to stop until I either run out of characters to cosplay as or it all stops being fun. I think somewhere in the back of my dad's mind he's a bit disconcerted that I've expressed no interest in getting married or having kids - a source of endless disappointment, I am

Funnily enough though, the night before last I was talking to my mum and she was really interested in everything I'm working on at present and hearing about the stuff I do with adapting patterns and so on. And she was quite in favour of the "I'm not stopping till I stop enjoying it" philosophy

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05 Aug 2009 - 08:4618094
My sister knows I cosplay, but until recently the rest of the family didn't even know! I don't live with my family and they've always had a "hands-off" approach so everything's fine! I have a job and spend my own money, and my parents know what I'm like, that I look after my bank account and too chicken to wear skimpy clothing anyway. Overall their reaction has been, "oh, that's interesting."

How they found out was really funny though... cosplay is really popular in Hong Kong, where my family is. My dad was helping a company with the writing of a bid for a maintenance & operations contract for a revamped youth centre. To launch the shiny new youth centre, the bidder has to suggest 12 events for young people, one for every month. So my dad went to my sister, and the following happened...

Dad: So, what do young people like to do these days?
Sister: How about cosplay?
Dad: What's "cosplay"?
Sister: It's when you dress up as a character from animanga or game... look I'll show you. *opens up pictures of me in cosplay on her computer to show dad*
Dad: Ooooooh.

I only found out about that afterwards and after a few moments of shock and mortification (me, not my dad!), everything's alright. XD

Although, when I found out 2 weeks ago that he used a picture of me in the section of the bid document where it suggested the 12 young people's events, I was mortified again. XD;;;;;

09 Aug 2009 - 12:3318242
My parents have always been alright about it, especially since they know I'm a bit anyways XD They don't actively encourage it, yet they don't really complain about it either. I sometimes go to my mum for help when something is confusing me [ie the shorts pattern for my Piers cosplay], and she's happy to help. They just get annoyed with trails of thread and fabric that I drag around the house [I use my sewing machine on the floor of my bedroom, so I get it all over my trousers too!]
My younger brother is just very negative about the whole thing >.>;

In fact it's my Grandma who's always very enthusiastic about it, always asking about my cosplay! XD She taught me everything I know about sewing, and she's always eager to lend me patterns, thread, velcro, elastic etc from her giant chest of drawers XD
She even bought me my sewing machine and sewing kit <3
I think she's very grateful that I'm doing something useful that I can use in later life and spending money on that, rather than going out to parties all the time and wasting money on booze and drugs.

09 Aug 2009 - 17:5818251
Mine seem surprisingly OK with it, like I can ask them about their views on how I should make it and they're actually helpful about it too.
I even get supplies brought home for me haha, like for my current cosplay (Raiden) I needed a visor, and today my Dad came in with a handful of visors for me to use

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14 Aug 2009 - 12:4418368
my mums all for it and sometimes helps me and we cosplay my brother and sister... but my dad thinks its a waste of time so we ignore him lol

14 Aug 2009 - 16:5218373
My mum doesn't really care xD
My dad is always like "If you need any help, then don't be scared to ask. I'll do what I can" whereas mum is just "Do what you want"...until I buy things and she starts quizzing me about the prices.

This'll be my first time away from this region of Scotland alone and she keeps trying to stop me from going to the London Expo this October. Her boyfriend is trying to convince her otherwise though.

Ah, the guys are the only ones helping =w=

03 Sep 2009 - 11:1219218
My mum is okay about me cosplaying. I only started cosplaying a coulple of months back, and i when i told her that i cosplayed, she had no idea what it was! I told her what it was, and she was a bit confused about why people over the age of 5 would dress up, but she's was okay with it. When my other cosplaying friend and i make skits and record them, mum finds them funny(even though she probably has no idea what we're talking about) She's even offered her help with making my costume.
Unfortunatley she's told alot of her friends and my family that i cosplay, and some of them arn't as accepting as my mum. So they are under the impression that i'm some sort of social reject!
I havn't told my dad yet, 'cause he lives in Australia. He'd either be very supportive, or totally freak out! Probably the former, but i'm not sure. So i probably won't risk telling him for a while.

03 Sep 2009 - 11:5019220
My parents dont mind me cosplaying at all, they arnt bothered with what i wear as i am 21.

My mum i think is intrugued by it alot, and i secretly think she wants to dress up to. She thinks shes made me and my sis want to do it as she was always dressing us up as kids as cowboys and cats and owls :S From outfits she made.

I think it could of been a big influence on us!
She makes us print off pictures and tells all the other relatives about our cosplaying, which is a bit embarrasing haha!
My dad doesnt seem to get involved but i think hes secretly proud of the things that i make

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03 Sep 2009 - 11:5219221
Ah yeah the only thing is the cost of corse! I get alot of stick for going out and bying all these materials, oh and taking up the spare wardrobe opps!

~~If You'll Be My Star, I'll Be Your Sky~~
03 Sep 2009 - 16:1319226
My mum doesnt mind, she helps me with prop's and costumes... even helps pay somtimes

though she has for the past few years asked if i am Dressing up (cosplaying lol), and i say yes (after secretly stashing things to make up last minute in the workshops/night before/day).

My dad and 1 of my 2 sisters think "dressing up" is pointless, well... i tell them that it's no different than "dressing up" as Police, hawiian people, Fancy dress parties... but noooooooo... they still think it's stupid.

Then again, my dad wishes i put as much effort into going to the gym as i do into my Cosplay... a bit he is there

03 Sep 2009 - 18:1619229
Quote Mangafan2000:
Is there anything that your parents wont let you buy/do/wear? Do they support your cosplay, or shun the hobby?

nope, my mum didnt like the idea at first but now she doesnt care (she's trying her best to remember character names)

i have red contacts and i must say they are great, they also freak people out which is very fun.

03 Sep 2009 - 18:2719230
My parents dont care really, my mum just laughs when I do a costume and my dad doesn't get involved.

But he would help me if I asked for it.

I try to work around costumes where I dont have to show too much leg/stomach etc as I am rather fat lol!

Nah, they think it's good and it gives me something to do over the weekends.

03 Sep 2009 - 18:5819231
Though I know my parents think its weird, they embrace it because they know just how much its made me a better person. I went through a very low point in my life, where I quite literally had no friends outside of talking to a few people on the internet- When I started cosplaying, my parents were iffy about it, but as soon as they realised how many people I was socialising with, that suddenly I was doing something other than sitting on my ass infront of a video game, they were very reluctant to stop me,haha.

I'm glad they saw that I was happy... If they'd stopped me (which technically they could have when I was younger,but now I'm 18 lol) I don't know what I would have done- Cosplaying is only second to my partner on my 'things I love most' list XD

03 Sep 2009 - 23:0619237
My parents? well, tbh, they don't really care, except that they say that it's a waste of my money, with uni costs and everything, but they also realise that it's something that I love doing and will always compliment a cosplay that I've made because they realise how much effort I've put into it, and my mum will always be the first to request a picture of my endavours, lol.

I think my parents are in the frame of mind that if it's something I enjoy doing then they're happy for me to do it, although I'd have to fork out for materials myself, which is fair enough, they've spent enough money on me in my childhood ^_^

honestly though, I couldn't ask for better parents, they're always so supportive about whatever I choose to do, although my dad likes to have a good laugh at me from time to time XD

09 Sep 2009 - 14:1019472
My mums really helpful, although for difficult costumes she gives me a kind of "you'll never be able to make that" look. she helped me with the sewing on my first costumes but now i just kind of get on with it by myself. she drives me to the fabric shops but i have to pay for it all myself. she travels with me to expos and stuff and waits around allday for me which im really grateful for. at first she was just like "oh thats nice" but i think she thought it was abit weird.
MY mums boy friend is a joiner so he always helps with props and powertools.. and when i didnt have a wig head he was my model xD
my dad just thinks im really geeky and weird and generally looks down on it, same for his girlfriend :/

09 Sep 2009 - 14:2319473
My parents just think I'm nuts for cosplaying because all they see is a crazy collection of bits of material and me saying "this is SO awesome", they must want me committed to some kind of mental institution lol

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