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28 Apr 2009 - 18:4713576
Cosplaying and Parents
Is there anything that your parents wont let you buy/do/wear? Do they support your cosplay, or shun the hobby?

Mine find it hilarious that i wanted to buy a wig! They let me, but didn't take me seriously to start with, haha. But i am having trouble convincing my mum to let me get red contact lenses... I think my dad is okay about it. My parents think its kinda weird, but my mum will help me with some things. [Like sewing on sleeves... Haha.]

This is one of my first times posting a thread, so im sorry if this one has been done millions of times before!

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28 Apr 2009 - 18:5013578
I dont really understand when parents dont let their kids cosplay, its llike, its for fun, and wont (purposely) harm anyone!

But yeah my parents are fine with it, they just think im a massive nerd. though my dad helps me from time to time with metal and woodwork, the rest of it i just go about my own buisness, i can cosplay whatever i want really

28 Apr 2009 - 19:0813582
Is there anything that your parents wont let you buy/do/wear?

Not really, I havent been told that I cant wear something because its inappropriate, usually its because I pay rediculus money for something and they think I will wear it once.

Do they support your cosplay, or shun the hobby?

a bit of both really, they dont encourage me to do it, but they dont tell me not to either =]

28 Apr 2009 - 19:2013586
lol, my mum wants to cosplay...

she's always trying to get me to let her help,

she'll tell me if she thinks i look like a tramp tho

normally by calling me a hussy if i wear something revealing, she's never spiteful or serious tho...

i love my mum to bits, she taught me everything i know

28 Apr 2009 - 19:2213587
My parents don't really mind me cosplaying, they know I'm abit of a geek already so this was just another thing really. At first they were alittle worried but after explaining to them it's just like fancy dress they thought it was quite fun. As long as I like it and have fun they don't mind it, I treat it like a hobby anyway. They even like to try my wigs on and run around the house laughing (yes my parents are alittle strange, but fun)

My mum doesn't really help because she's not very creative. She does however help me book hotels and trains etc. My dad helps me with the prop side and is always offering to help make me things ^--^

28 Apr 2009 - 19:2413588
I love my parents when it comes to cosplay. They do little jokes on the characters I choose, but they are fully supportive and my mum gives me advice and has helped me get cosplays done within deadlines on occasion.

They actually get me and my sister to show them off to my other relatives (grandparents just dont understand) and my dad keeps telling me that I should of gone in for costume design at Uni. XD


28 Apr 2009 - 19:4613590
My parents are great when it comes to cosplaying, they really are. Dads always happy to help with prop making/planning and stuff.
But Mums there to try and sew my cosplays for me, I remember in the past we've fought over who gets the sewing machine, she loves sewing like me! So it's a battle on who gets to do it XD
(Shes alot better than me though, she really is an epic sewer!!)
But apart from trying to nick the job of doing my sewing shes happy to help with patterns/shapes or if I generally mess something up!

28 Apr 2009 - 19:4813591
My parents thought it was just a phase. Well it hasn't died yet LOL! They thought I'd get over the whole Expo thing, then I started cosplaying... then thought I'd get over cosplay soon too... and I'm still going strong XD

They used to be fairly supportive when I first started. My dad even bought me different kinds of wire and some pliers to work on my Moogle cosplay since he thought my phase would go away soon. But noooo xD They thought it was ridiculous and silly when I started wearing wigs and they even laughed at me! XD; What sent them in fits of laughter was when I was making my Steiner cosplay, and my good ol' dad was being supportive by helping me get in and out the costume when I didn't have a friend over 8D; [He even helped spray paint the armour because I only had a week to make it and I had school so when I was at school he spray painted it for me when it was still sunny! Awww ] Oh yes, and when I first wore my Clow Country Sakura costume to a ReCon my family were in fits as well xD;; Heck they just go into fits of laughter in whatever costume I wear >_>; Almost every costume they've seen me in have made them laughing their heads off xD; [Just wait till they see my Wakka cosplay hurhur] I do love entertaining my parents with my costumes XP

They don't really help me much because they HATE how messy I've made the house. They also hate how much time and money I spend on my costumes ^^; I can't blame them though, because I really DO spend a helluva lot of my time and money on them!! I just get annoyed when they say it gets in the way of study when I always make studying my first priority, grr >_> That's mainly my mum though, my dad's alright with it so long as I don't go into an overdraft/debt because of cosplay ROFL [which is impossible for under 19s anyway!]
Although... they do get annoyed with all the packages I get, especially wigs! So I try not to buy too much... or buy things during the holidays so that I can answer the door myself rather than have them wake up and answer the door xD;

As for not letting me wear certain costumes... Well I don't think I've made any costumes that are terribly indecent so they haven't complained to me yet.

What I find funny is when they tell other family about it... then show them my Cosplay Island account LOL! What happened to disapproving gaiz!? XD

28 Apr 2009 - 20:3313596
My parents are just glad I'm doing something I love.
They do, however, refuse to buy me material.
If I want it I have to buy it with my own money.
They were a bit iffy with the idea of me cosplaying as male characters, but they got over that and now they don't really mind.
They don't really like the thought of my contact lenses though.
My mum thinks I'm going to get an eye infection xD.
I've assured her I'm not.
My dad always helps with props.
He's helping me make a pretty epic First Tsurugi at the moment =D
But my mum doesn't really know how she can help, so she leaves me to it "as long as I get college work done too".

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28 Apr 2009 - 20:4013597
They don't really like the thought of my contact lenses though. My mum thinks I'm going to get an eye infection xD.

That's what my mum thinks!
She hates people putting un-natural things in their eyes... It creeps her out. Even though i've worn normal contacts before [short sighted] she doesnt like it...

Its awesome that you all have parents that are so supportive

I hear the sorrowful creaking of old wings.
28 Apr 2009 - 21:0313598
Mine took to it rather well, after I showed them what I made XD

/Made it in secret first XD

28 Apr 2009 - 21:1113599
my mum made her own clothes for years

so if i take my sewing machine home she tries to steal it and take over ¬.¬

but yeah my parents are really supportive...

my mum goes out her way to help me from finding wigs to teaching me skills. also she wants to come watch me at october expo for sailor moon group. I'm gunna poop myself >.<

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28 Apr 2009 - 21:4013600
My parents are fine with it. I think?

I get some odd looks from my dad as to stuff like. "Wig?.. Hair Spray?.. EYE LINER?!?!?!" but that is going well

I found myself worried when i told them about it for two reasons. 1. they might want to stop me. 2. they might want to help me.

Now as nice as it sounds for my mum to help me with stuff. I know i will get it done easyer and quicker by my self and there will be 100% less arguments.

I have to do it on my own mostly only realy asking for advice and transport. It's fine it is the way I want to do it and they seem to be alright with the idea.

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28 Apr 2009 - 21:4813601
they're not exactly supportive XD

they dont complain but i know they'd prefer it if their daughter stopped playing dress-up

saying that, my dad gets most of the stuff i need for my props for me when i ask him to


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28 Apr 2009 - 21:5313602
my parents LOVE that i cosplay.
They love that i am who i am and i'm doing what i love.
Costuming is my passion and they know it.
good job i'm studying costume at uni too huh?

Seriously though, my parents are so supportive of my cosplays and even though they have no idea what the characters are called or whatever, they're still impressed by my work.

I love those guys.

mum actually walked into my room while i was working on my latest one and was all like "my god. the girl has talent" XD

the only thing they hate is that i track thread and scraps of fabric out of my room and around the landing.
don't blame me, blame my wood floors. not my fault EVERYTHING sticks to my socks.

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28 Apr 2009 - 22:2613605
My parents are really up for it. They know I've enjoyed dressing up ever since I was little, and always tried to find excuses wherever possible, so I think they're pleased I've found a hobby where I can do just that.

My mum I think gets a little annoyed when I take over the dining room with all my sewing stuff and I know she doesn't get some outfits like Sora at all, but outfits she thinks look really well made she does like to show off to her friends! (She's been telling them all about the Gormenghast dresses at the moment!) Also she's recently suggested MA's and summer courses for me to do when I finish uni all based in costume design. Yay for her!

My dad I think is bemused by the whole thing. I don't think he entirely gets it, but he doesn't complain or anything at all and always puts up with me showing him some outfits online and stuff Also he's always happy to help me make all my weapons - he doesn't let me near the power tools, but if I have no idea how to make something normally I send him some pictures and a description the next time I see him he's already started on it! ^^

A big thanks goes out to both of them!

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28 Apr 2009 - 22:4413607
They're not bothered by me doing it, but then I come from a very theatrical family and apart from a very brief period when I was "too cool" for dressing up (this was my Evanescence phase, which shows you just how "cool" I was) I've basically never stopped since I could toddle into my mum's wardrobe and put on her shoes. Also, pretty much any oppotunity and they're dressed up too (Halloween was a very big deal when we were younger); not quite cosplay, but close enough. Sometimes they even borrow things from me. lol.

My Mum helped me make my James jacket when I got stuck. She's also pinned me into stuff on a couple of occasions as I don't have a dressform and have to make stuff on myself and was impressed when I turned up with my Bob Fossil shirt asking "did you make that yourself?" because she thought I'd bought it. Plus, she bought me my binder, even though I tried to pay her back for it, she wouldn't let me. She also lets me borrow things from her wardrobe (mainly shoes) for costumes.

My Dad helped me attach a pair of platforms I made from scratch to some boots when they came off the sole for the 3rd time. He also took me to Ame 07 because my parents refused to let me travel down alone. Beofre I got my own ebay account he good humeroudly let me (and my friends) order wigs and "hooker boots", copious amounts of fabric and other weird things on his as long as I repaid him.

Some of the things (mostly crossplay) I make, they don't exactly disapprove of or "disallow" me from wearing (not that they can anymore anyway), but sometimes it takes them a while to get used to me doing it... I have no idea what they're gonna make of the 3 mascot costumes I've got planned though. lol. I'm uncomfortable with wearing anything particularly revealing, so that's something they don't have to worry about (I am working up the courage to do a cosplay with my mid-drift on show though). I think cost is maybe the only issue they have with some of the things I've made/plan on making; but it's my money, so it's my own fault if I end up broke.

My wee brother thinks I'm insane, however. Didn't stop him from helping me make a mask though. And he also likes a certain degree of dressing up, so I think it's mainly a front. ;P

29 Apr 2009 - 00:2313608
My mum used to help me. XD She made quite a lot of my early cosplays, including my beloved Ed coat. <3 It's been good for her though, since she stopped making stuff when I was little because I was such a brat, and so getting her started again was good. ^___^ Built her confidence back up.

I've learnt to sew myself now, though, and I live away from home, so she doesn't get involved any more. Most of my cosplays are pretty covered up as well, so the only one she would have disapproved of was my pyjamas!Chii, and that was more than my sister wears out sometimes. *eyeroll*

And who knows what my dad thinks. XD I think he gave up on me when I said I was doing film studies anyway - or possibly even when I announced I was doing all arts for ALevels. :3

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29 Apr 2009 - 00:2913610
My Mum gave me my first wig!

I needed a blonde wig for my Honey-Sempai cosplay and she had one laying around back home from when she previously had chemotherapy. So it was donated!

The thing I find most funny is that since having chemo again, she's been asking all of her 'cancer buddies' as they are called, what they're going to do with their wigs when all their hair comes back. Now she's collecting them for me!

Mum sees it as a crazy little hobby and prefers to refer to everything as pokemon but she loves seeing my pictures. Even though I cosplay a stupid amount of boys. She gets pictures of her pretty little daughter... looking like a pretty little son...

29 Apr 2009 - 00:3813611
My mum thinks of it as a grand waste of money. And there are some cosplays she would outwardly disagree to if I asked. Such as Schroedinger or any crossplays. So we operate solely now an a don't talk about it basis. I just do whatever on my own.

My dad however runs STRICTLY on a don't mention basis as he would kill me probably.

29 Apr 2009 - 00:5913613
I'm old enough now that my parents' opinions on my daft hobby don't matter that much, but fortunately they've always been pretty cool about it. My mum likes looking at my costumes when they're done, although I'm not sure I'd show her any skimpy costumes (not that I have many, but I'm fairly sure she's never seen my Felicia).

I think my dad thinks of it as something he will never understand my fascination with but nonetheless respects the fact that I enjoy it and doesn't see any problems with it as a hobby. Which is cool. Although it was a bit annoying when I tried to show him one of my costumes recently and he seemed more interested in Cosplay Island's choice of gallery software than in my handiwork...!

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29 Apr 2009 - 01:0013614
My parents think its fine, but thats because i'm currently studying digital media and special effects etc at uni, and they see it as creative outlet and expierence for that.

My mum does look a little baffled when I come home from university with insane wigs like Lucrecia's or Demyx's, but other than a rather dazed 'Oh right >.>' she says nothing hehe.

My dad thinks its hilarious, mainly because I am currently ranting about how much its costing me is facial prosthetics, latex and other stuff to make my friends into zombies at their requests. XD
My parents sort of see it as a better hobby then drinking all the time and wasting my money on booze ups at university, so when I go on about it they don't mind at all.


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29 Apr 2009 - 05:5913615
Well, my parents doesn't know about it but I'm sure they won't be very supportive and think it's a wast of time and money. Not that it matters, as they live 15 000 km away. They are ultra conservative anime haters

My english sucks because hablo espanol :O
29 Apr 2009 - 08:1313619
My parents probably always knew I was going to cosplay... I used to make my own fancy dress costumes and get my dad to video little 'skits' I guess you can call them, when I was around 4 years old!

They used to be very strict indeed (I was only allowed at my first con when I was 18 turning 19) and were wary when I got into the anime thing. I became a lot more independent and rebellious around aged 15 (dyed my hair bright blue and green) and slowly since then they've become more relaxed.

I think at first they didn't take it seriously, (and my dad once mistook me for my little brother when I was cosplaying Light from Death Note, which freaked him out a little bit) but when I actually won a competition, they were amazed, and kinda proud. I don't live at home anymore, but they really support me with the hobby, and let me store props and things in their attic. They used to be big on the old skool punk and glam music when they were younger, so I guess if anything, they secretly admire the crazy costumes I wear!
Turning up at their house in a bright wig has kinda become the norm now

29 Apr 2009 - 08:2513621
I generally dont care what my Mother thinks ^.^ I mean im old enough that im moving out now but 3-4 years ago cosplaying I just did what I needed to.

That said my mom is really creative that said and she is increadibly supportive of my cosplays she helped me make my first actual made one *vincent valentine* and as for my pops he is a star trek/star wars/old movies/books Geek ^^ he could say very little on the subject of getting embaressed his son is putting on dresses and suits LOl

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