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27 Apr 2009 - 11:2813485
Opinions needed on my Anime costume!!! =D
Hi i'm doing textiles at A level and i need peoples opinions on it.
The costume is an interchangable one. It consists of a dress with the skirt open at the front and an underskirt underneath.
The cape is fully reversible.
The costume can be both a magician style character and a warrior style character, this is because it has differnet accessories.

For the magician - the cape and the staff.
For the warrior - the armour and the sword.

Does it bring out the essence of the anime style?
If yes then how so?
and if no why not?

Can you tell what type of character it is, the magician and the warrior?

Do the accessories go well with the costume? and do they fit in with the characters they are supposed to be.

What could be improved?

Have the fabrics i've used suitable and do they work well with the anime style?

If you could answer these questions and give any other advice then that would be great =) Thank you.

The pics are on this URL =D


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