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23 Apr 2009 - 11:2713236
Hi ^^

Anime / manga / J-Pop fan from London. Can't really make cosplay and hopes to find some help here when I get stuck as well as meeting cool people

Nice to meet you all

23 Apr 2009 - 12:3913253
Enjoy your stay!! Everyone here is friendly as they come and we all like to muck in and help people out if/when we can!

If there's anything anyone can do, just add a question on the forum and we'll all dive at it with the various lessons we've learnt whilst making costumes-- you'll get a variety of different advice because we all make things in different ways. It's kinda cool ^^ You'll find out XD

Have you got any cosplay plans so far?

xx Tetra xx
23 Apr 2009 - 13:5613270
A few ~_~ I don't know how ambitious to be but I'm set on making this at some stage:

From Kirarin Revolution.

I usually make cosplay from hacking primark clothes together or buy them ready-made from e-bay - I want to start learning how to make things properly from patterns and such >_< I'm a bit of an impatient person though and get distracted easily.

23 Apr 2009 - 13:5913271
Oh those don't look too hard to be fair if you break it down into sections and give yourself plenty of time! (My favourite colour combination by the way, pink, yellow and blue-- I'm building my website at the minute and those colours are everywhere XD)

If you take it step by step I'm sure it will be fine ^^

xx Tetra xx
23 Apr 2009 - 14:3213275
Thank you, that gives me a lot more confidence

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24 Apr 2009 - 21:4313337
Welcomes! It's great ta have another Londoner! I hope you have a great time here! I'm sure everyone here will be willing to help if you get stuck! Sorry about all tha exclaimation marks...

26 Apr 2009 - 12:1113404
Welcome I hope you have fun here

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