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23 Apr 2009 - 11:2013235
Kirarin Revolution - MilkyWay Cosplay
Hello - I'm a long time cosplayer, and although I alter cosplays I buy or amend clothes to make a cosplay I've never made something from scratch before >_<

Therefore, I need a little advice, if anyone can spare me some time, as myself and my friend are looking to make 2 of the Milkyway Tan Tan Ta~n cosplays (couldn't find any anime ones ~_~ but the PV costumes are just as good):

If anyone can give me some input, even if it's to tell me to stop and that I'm being too ambitious please do so.

I have a good sewing machine at my disposal and I'm aiming to make it for Aya, which i think gives me time ~ I think. Hopefully I can find a pink top and a good petitcoat and that will get me started - but the leg warmer things are confusing me a little - as well as the skirt. We've found a good pattern for the jacket/bolero bit which is one upside!

I will be greatful of any input, especially in breaking this down into mini projects.

I can also grab more screen shots from the PV when I get home tonight if that helps

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