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22 Apr 2009 - 17:0913203
Who should I cosplay?
I know that I said in another blog that I was doing a group cosplay with meh cousins as Roxas and the gang. (And I sincerely hope I get a Seifer! ) But if they don't have the resources, I shall be cosplaying lonely...
I've got a big time limit; about six months, to make a costume.
So. I've got curly brown hair (I can wear a wig.), fairly light complexion and I'm rather short admittedly... 5'0 (and a half!). I'm also female.
So... Any ideas?

And thanks for reading all of this super long post, to those of you who did.

22 Apr 2009 - 18:2213207
Wow, weirdest question ever asked! Usually people just cosplay the character they are like personality wise, characters they're like looks-wise, characters they want to pay tribute to, or characters from their favourite shows and games! I think it's important, as a cosplayer, to decide on who to cosplay on your own. Perhaps you could make a short list and others can just help you pick which one to try out doing first?

I know that if I randomly asked someone who didn't know me who I should cosplay they would probably pick someone I would never cosplay XD

xx Tetra xx
22 Apr 2009 - 18:2513208
I would really make a list of your fave characters from anime/manga/video games/film etc. and see which one you can do. I'd pick something easy to begin off with, someone told me this advise and I'm glad I took it on board. You don't want to be trying to create some sort of Gundam when you've only just started cosplaying lol. If your already good at sewing and your confident you can always try creating something more complicated. My cosplays so far have been quite easy, nothing too complicated and minimal sewing. Over the summer my friend is giving me a crash course in sewing since she does a Theatre Design and Props course. Sorry I wasn't able to surgest a persific character. I like to always cosplay characters I love, it makes the experience for me more fun

22 Apr 2009 - 19:0013210
I agree with the others: choosing a cosplay is a personal choice. You have to pick a costume that you're comfortable with. You know your sewing ability, what characters you like, and what you're comfortable with wearing.

I'd suggest making a short list (or long list ) of all the characters you like. Go through these and make a shorter list of the ones that seem sensible in terms of your ability and what's suitable for you to wear, and then pick from that.

Also, it's usually helpful to post a picture on threads like these. Or at least, I think it would be helpful. Makes it easier to visualise.

-an Angel that didn't so much Fall as Saunter Vaguely Downwards-
22 Apr 2009 - 19:1413211
Thanks for the answers! So I should be going personality-wise? But... my fave characters are barely like me and I'm really bad at acting and whatever. But also... I don't have a wide range of games or anything... Just Legend of Zelda, A couple Squeenix titles, Ghibli stuff and pokemon...

22 Apr 2009 - 19:2513213
When I said character wise I meant more that you must like them. ^____^ It's no fun wandering around as a character you dislike. But I guess if you're worried about acting in character then picking one with a similar personality to you would be beneficial. I normally find that personalities come with the costume, but that could very well just be me.

Pokemon has some good starter costumes. Why don't you think about the characters from that?

-an Angel that didn't so much Fall as Saunter Vaguely Downwards-

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22 Apr 2009 - 19:5613216
I agree, Pokemon has some great starter costumes in it! Look at all the awesome gym leaders, and trainers! So does Zelda, I for one love to see any LoZ cosplayers! Malon is cute and appears to be quite easy ^^ Some final fantasy costumes are simple as well such as Rinoa's duster combo, Tifa's tank top, braces and skirt, and Kairi's KH1 costume.

If you need a starter costume that will be simple and easy to modify from store bought items, then there are some decent ones in all the stuff you've mentioned you have ^__^

xx Tetra xx
23 Apr 2009 - 16:2713290
Oooh... Okays!
Thank yous, Mimi, Geeky and Puppy! (Hope you don't mind nicknames )

28 Apr 2009 - 14:3513559
If you want a simple girls outfit and you're familiar with Kingdom Hearts then you could try Kairi in the first game- she's not too complicated and could be altered from store bought stuff and she's not too tall or anything ^^'

And you can call me what you like, but I do prefer "Tetra" XD Is there a particular name you'd like me to call you?

xx Tetra xx
29 Apr 2009 - 14:4113643
I think I might try Kairi.
And can I call you Tet-chan?
Thank you!

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