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21 Apr 2009 - 14:2613141
Fixing fabric paint.
I have some white fabric pain that I need to put on some brown suedette. The instructions say that it should be fixed for 5 minutes with an iron. I'm not quite sure what would be the best way to do that.

How hot should the iron be, and should there some fabric/paper/etc between the iron the suedette?

21 Apr 2009 - 15:1513143
I used similar stuff on cotton drill for my Light elf

Ii didn't even read the label just painted directly on and let it dry

Its held up absolutely fine

22 Apr 2009 - 12:1813193
I've used the stuff too. In my experience it's not really necessary to fix it, and fixing it doesn't make a great deal of difference - I thought it would stop the paint from running if I washed it, but no such luck

If you're using a strong fabric like suedette - which doesn't take that well to ironing anyway - and you don't anticipate it getting wet, I probably wouldn't bother.

23 Apr 2009 - 12:2313247
Suedette can be hit or miss with heat. Try a low heat setting with a piece of paper between the fabric and the iron after the fabric paint is dry. Just run over it a couple times being careful not to keep the heat in any one place for too long.

Fixing fabric paint isn't usually essential but I would always recommend it anyway just in case... you never know >< Most fabric paint is heat-set, along with a lot of dyes and discharge chemicals (I study A-level textiles), so I would always recommend just giving it a little run over with an iron. It helps to flatten, smooth, and bond the colour. You probably won't notice a difference in the way it looks to be fair. Because the suedette isn't stretchy there isn't much of a risk of it cracking. But just in case it gets a bit damp, you want to take out some insurance ^^

xx Tetra xx
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