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21 Apr 2009 - 13:0813135
Professor Layton help required!
I have finally acquired this game (yeah, bit behind the times I know) and I am thoroughly enjoying it - definitely my kinda game!

However, there are some puzzles that I have been unable to do immediately so decided to try and solve 'later' - but I can't find them!

I've been to Granny Riddleton's shack and she has two of them in there but there's about 7 that I haven't done.

Does anyone know where I can retrieve them?!

I've opened Layton's trunk and gone to the Puzzle Index, then highlighted an unsolved puzzle - at which point a little face appears in the box on the left. But then I'm stuck. The 'solve it' button only takes me to the very first one - which I've already solved!


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21 Apr 2009 - 13:1813137
I might be wrong but have you gone to the next chapter after having selected 'solve later'? I'm pretty sure they only appear in the shack after the chapter has finished and the puzzles become unavailable? :S

Sorry if this seems really obvious. XDD

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