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20 Apr 2009 - 12:0013069
I generally aim for slightly less cosplayed characters, or at least odd versions of their costume. The obvious exception to this is Ed, but I adore him anyway (and he slips in perfectly to the other two types of cosplay I tend to do).

I also have a tendency to go for shorter and/or cute characters, especially if it's for a group. This is for obvious reasons (ie, being a shortarse). And Eric Draven is the realllly notable exception to this (the Undertaker is cute, damnit). Elrond will also be an exception, so maybe I'm going to have to add an innapropriate!chibi! versions of badasses.

And when I first started cosplaying I did blonde characters - Ed, K, Hiyori, Chii and Misa. Not so much any more, because I went to university and started spending my student loan on wigs, but I do still have Ed hair, antennae and all.

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20 Apr 2009 - 16:5813082
rarely done, but recognisable characters. i have to have a pretty high level of interest in a character before i'll start a project.

basicly anything that counts as a challenge, and has the potential to wow any future employers/colleges i might apply for.

20 Apr 2009 - 19:0513089
I dont do hot female characters well, or tough characters, my face is too, erm...childish? i have a baby face n hamster cheeks so most of the time i end up doing chi cosplays or other immature characters, or 'cute' characters with a quirky personality. So i guess i'm a 'cute' cosplayer rather than anything else.

20 Apr 2009 - 19:2213092
Although I will try to fight this I'm told many times that of there is a short, blonde haired, uke type male in an anime he WILL be my favourite character and I WILL cosplay him...

I don't think i'm that bad >_>;;...

Myself I go for younger characters because I have a baby face. X.X...But I suppose that agrees with the above! Oh no! XD

20 Apr 2009 - 19:3013094
Tends to be the big-boobed 'sexy' type characters for me!

I would really love to be able to do evil hot men convincingly...

20 Apr 2009 - 21:3513108
Most of the time I cosplay (sexy) baddies. Although if I really like a goodie who is sexy a total badass I will do them too. This is just through character and outfit preference really. XD


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20 Apr 2009 - 22:2813113
Mine are very commonly non main charachters though i have noticed a trend of villains from pokemon coming through. I like to cosplay people i have rarely seen before.

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20 Apr 2009 - 22:5813115
It has to be villainous men for me! Tee hee!

21 Apr 2009 - 02:5613116
Quote Nocturnal Blossom:
Tends to be the big-boobed 'sexy' type characters for me!

I would really love to be able to do evil hot men convincingly...

Nothing wrong with being sexy big boobed type characters *blushes*.

I think you did a good job of your evil bish uniformed male character (sorry I suck at names) at Miami.


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23 Apr 2009 - 12:4613255
Actually I used to think I had a pigeon hole of cosplay.... but now it seems to have changed (or at least it changes over the years).

It used to be strong gaming women.
Then I wnded up crossplaying for a while.
I went through a phase of wanting my character to have something weird on their heads (i.e. dodgy ears, helmet, etc), or have a plushie as a prop, and eventually it just descended into "Yeah I just cosplay... gawd knows what will be next!"

I guess I cosplay a lot of Final Fantasy women. That said, I cosplay a lot of Yugioh characters. I pay tribute to the things I like really XD

If anyone can find a pattern to my costumes please let me know! XD

xx Tetra xx
23 Apr 2009 - 13:3313268
i think i cosplay most as characters that leave a lot of scope for group cosplays
i hate being in pictures on my own, so if i can fit into a certain group then that's always good xD
saying that, i hate it when there is more that one of the character i'm cosplaying at a con

23 Apr 2009 - 16:1113287
I have a thing of picking male characters alot of the time. I've only recently decided to cosplay Claire Redfield next October and it was only because A: I love her and B:....Wesker was taken by my friend. ;_;


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24 Apr 2009 - 09:4213310
Girls with glasses. That, or cosplays that have masks/have sunglasses/are very recognisable so I can get away with the glasses XD

24 Apr 2009 - 09:5213311
I tend to do male characters with either shortish hair or a glam kinda look. I do some girl cosplays too, probably only a quarter of my cosplays are female though!
I tend to gravitate towards characters with my body type - kinda small and lithe, not very macho.

24 Apr 2009 - 13:0713317
Evil camp men for me XD

24 Apr 2009 - 13:1213318
Shota boys >.< anything cute and/or kidnappable.
I've never cosplayed a girl yet...

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24 Apr 2009 - 17:1413326
Long haired, tall/cool (as opposed to cute) characters. Glasses or black hair are bonus! Trinity Blood characters are my favourite too ^^


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24 Apr 2009 - 18:0713328
I seem to crossplay as guys alot but looking at my planed list I'm stating to cosplay girls. I like crossplay because I can get away looking like a guy (seriously many people have been surprised I was a girl... don't know if thats a good thing?) Although I'd like to start cosplaying girls I have NO self confidence what so ever DX

25 Apr 2009 - 01:3913341
Altho i've only cosplayed once i like doing animal characters or non-human characters and mascot cosplays.

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26 Apr 2009 - 07:3813394
I also tend to cosplay gingers/red heads. xD

26 Apr 2009 - 18:4813430
ive just realised there is no corelation at all between my cosplays ]oh well, i like to do different things each time! :3

05 May 2009 - 15:4313978
Quote Odangochan:

The female character thing, I think, is because they are so utterly unlike how I am in real life - I'm a very mild person who doesn't like too much attention, so it's fun to be someone totally different from time to time.

That's like me! I've admittedly never cosplayed before, but I tend to stay in the bckground unless I really trust someone. All the charas I wanna cosplay seem to give a 'Pay Attention To Me' vibe, and if not, they actively demand attention.

05 May 2009 - 16:5313981
Mostly girly? A majority of my cosplays are ditzy characters XD
Mostly they all wear skirts as well...

05 May 2009 - 18:3413993
Bear in mind people that being pigeon-holed doesn't necessarily mean that there's any correlation between your cosplays.
It may well be a cosplay that you're most well known or remembered for...or even a particular piece of outfit.

05 May 2009 - 18:4213994
In that case, I know Frains has my phone number stored in his phone as Chun Li XD

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