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20 Aug 2014 - 13:07115272
Cosplays for sale! (Mainly Final Fantasy) Slightly Image Heavy >___<
I'm selling a metric ****ton of my costumes as I'm hanging up my wig nets and pattern paper to make time for other fun things like moving house, exams, work, etc >__<

EDIT! : All costumes are 8-10 and any shoes are a size 4/5

Any offers, questions or anything, please PM me

P&P will need to be calc'd separately or I can take to a con (if in London)

Ryoko - Tenchi Muyo Battlesuit
£30 ono (Wig excl. as it's shafted) >__<

May - Guilty Gear
£30 ono (Wig to be sold separately and Anchor excl. Anchor is a tad broken but I can see if it's fixable if anyone wants it and I can price that separately)

Jane Porter - Disney's Tarzan
£45 ono. (Boots, spats and umbrolly incl.)

Sorry for the dummy pic. I had no decent con photos of this. D:

Aayla Secura - Clone Wars
£60 ono (Lekku by they amazing Alyx incl. Lightsabre and boots excl.

Ruby - FFIX
£30 ono (No wig unfortunately, ballet shoes and hold ups incl.)

Shiva - FFX (Wig Only)
£120 ono
I could be persuaded to sell the suit separately if people wanted.

Wakka - FFX
£40 ono (Blitzball incl. No wig as I used my real hair!)

Wigs to be added to this lot! Any queries, drop me a line! Prices are excl. postage which can be sorted out. Otherwise, I can bring to October MCM if need be

Orange Bob wig with clip in pigtails. Never worn
£15 + p&p

Long orange wig (24inch)
£10 + p&p

Black wig with removable Red extensions.
£10 + p&p

Long green wig
35inches long
£15 + p&p

Digimon 2.0 Mimi wig (never worn)
£10 + p&p

Long brown wig
30inches long
£10 + p&p

One of two Faye Valentine wigs that I'm selling.
£8 + p&p

Second Faye Valentine wig (a darker purple than the first. Can include a headband its just not pictures here!)
£8 + p&p

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22 Aug 2014 - 11:03115303
Jane Porter has been sold guys!

Everything else is still available. Will be adding some misc. wigs up here as soon as I can get more permanent access to a computer >___<

22 Aug 2014 - 14:06115308
Sent a message regarding Ryoko

22 Aug 2014 - 16:12115310
Quote Candystriped:
Sent a message regarding Ryoko

Thanks so much I sent a reply re: postage. I just want to make sure that I get the right postage

28 Aug 2014 - 11:44115381
Jane, Aayla and Ryoko have now gone guys.

All the Final Fantasy cosplays and May are still available

Will be adding more bits on here soon. Mainly wigs!

Thanks ^-^

03 Sep 2014 - 09:45115444
New items added guys!
No holds barred with this lot xD

30 Sep 2014 - 11:39115839
Last BUMP for anyone who wants stuff for MCM in October!

Thanks everyone for the interest so far!

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