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19 Apr 2009 - 14:2013011
eBay Wigs in Action!
Hello! I thought this was such a neat idea that I figured it'd be a good idea to have a thread like this here as well.

So a lot of us buy wigs for cosplay right? And a lot of those wigs are from eBay but we can never be certain what they're like until they arrive. Well think of this as a feedback thread~ [Discontinued wigs would be good as well - we'll know that we can't get it anymore then haha!]

And here's a little form to fill in as well!
Seller's Name:
Wig Style/Colour:
Skin Top:
Wig in Action:
Other Comments:

Guess I'll start off~ These are only the wigs that I've worn, I actually have loads more wigs but haven't actually worn them yet so I'll post feedback on them once I get the costume together ^_^;;

Seller's Name: Wig Mad
Wig Style/Colour: Medium Wavy Blue Hair Wig PARTY w/Gift (Y03ah)
Fibre: I'm pretty sure it's Kanekalon
Skin Top: A little circular one at the top/centre
Modifications: Sprayed the fringe in place
Wig in Action: Pictures
Other Comments: It's a brilliant wig and it's actually darker than it looks from the pictures they've given which was fantastic for me because I didn't want it glaringly blue anyway! It's lovely quality and I love how bouncy the wig is, it's nice and thick as well. One thing I'd criticise is that it's not the best wig to... touch? It has a hard/rough feel to it but I didn't mind so much since it was wonderfully cheap! [£10, oh yes!]

Seller's Name: Professional Only
Wig Style/Colour: PW221 Blonde Long Madonna Cosplay Party Wigs Free Ship
Fibre: I'm pretty sure it's kanekalon
Skin Top: A little circular one at the top/centre
Modifications: Straightened using hot water method and put in bunches
Wig in Action: No Mods 1 / No Mods 2 / Straightened
Other Comments: I didn't like how flicky it was when it arrived but after I straightened it I loved it! It's a gorgeous wig and I love wearing it! It's not my favourite wig but it's still nice. Again it has a hard/rough texture to it, I might give it another wash sometime but I can deal with it~

I hope this becomes a useful thread to people ._.;;
I'll post the rest of my wigs up once I wear them out~

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19 Apr 2009 - 14:4413012
I've bought a couple of wigs from eBay, but this is the only one I've properly test-driven yet, so here we go.

Seller's Name: professionalonly
Wig Style/Colour: Photo
Fibre: Kanekalon
Skin Top: Japanese Monofilament
Modifications: Flicked out at bottom, cut and trimmed fringe
Wig in Action: http://grimmstein-scissors.deviantart.com/art/Why-isn-t-OUR-ship-on-display-119016998
Other Comments: Hair was a little thin but not really noticable. One BIG thing I noticed - the wig was very small. I have quite a large head, and even with it on the loosest setting, it didn't quite cover all my hair at the sides. Wasn't too much of a problem due to the bangs covering all this, but could be a problem for some costumes.

19 Apr 2009 - 15:0413015
Seller's Name: cosplaywig
Wig Style/Colour: Kairi Burgundy medium straight
Fibre: Modlon
Skin Top: resin skin top side parting
Modifications: N/A
Wig in Action:

Other Comments: Gorgeous wig! Looks and feels great. So many people thought it was my natural hair. Can be stored flat, just shake it out and the style stays put. Haven't worn it all day yet but no knotting so far, minimal up-keep. Handmade with an adjustable net-cap. Good price for the quality =)

19 Apr 2009 - 16:4413019
Seller's Name: Cosplay Wig
Wig Style/Colour: 2 Clip on ponytails, Jade Green
Fibre: Kanekalon
Skin Top: Netted
Modifications: None so far
Wig in Action:
Other Comments: It is a lovely wig for Miku Hatsune ^^ It tangles slightly, however it came with instructions on how to keep it nice for further events...

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19 Apr 2009 - 18:5513025
Seller's Name: Yankenshop
Wig Style/Colour: Long straight mixed blonde
Fibre: Kanekalon
Skin Top: Circle on the crown with netting underneath
Modifications: Several rows of wefts cut out and sewn onto a different wig
Wig in Action: As received.
Turned inside-out.
After the wefts were sewn onto the base wig.
Finished wig.
Other Comments: Delivery was very fast and the wig itself was very cheap. It was actually a lovely wig and I felt quite sad about having to chop it up! It did tangle easily though. A full walk-through on how I used this wig is on my blog here.

Cara bell', cara mia bella, mia bambina, o ciel!

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20 Apr 2009 - 12:3213070
This is a really good idea. I won't do all my wigs because it'll take me for ever, but I'll put a couple of my more recent ones up.

Seller's Name: Wig mad
Wig Style/Colour: light brown, medium straight
Fibre: ? I'm not very good with wig fibres. It's quite thin and soft though
Skin Top: Resin top, rest netted
Modifications: As arrived
Wig in Action: (On stand, anyway, this is the picture I took before I started hacking it to pieces. The lighting isn't brilliant).
Other Comments: I basically brought this as a cheap wig for a first attempt at cutting/styling. It's probably a bit thin compared to some of my more expensive wigs, but is still perfectly serviceable and I would be happy to wear it with a costume. As a slightly cheaper wig, I would really recommend it.

Seller's Name: Professional Only
Wig Style/Colour: medium, layered, blonde
Fibre: ? I'm not very good with wig fibres. It's thicker than the first one, and not as silky, but still not whatever Smiffy's wigs are made out of
Skin Top: Netted
Modifications: None
Wig in Action: ('scuse my ugly mug)
Other Comments: This is really, really thick and lovely. I adore it. I origanally ordered it before Christmas, but the first wig got lost in the post. They sent a second one out without any issues though, after I PMed them to ask what was taking so long. I've ordered from them before and not had any problem, and I know they're a favourite anyway.

Seller's Name: Cute Wigs
Wig Style/Colour: Long, straight, white
Fibre: ? I'm not very good with wig fibres. It's very thin and soft though
Skin Top: Netted
Wig in Action:
Other Comments: I didn't know what to expect from this wig: normally I try and stick with companies I know. But I was so utterly impressed when it arrived. Not only was it longer than I expected (it's waist length on me, but the fringe was so perfect for the Undertaker. I think it tangles less than the other wigs I have of a similar length too, and it's a pleasure to wear (even if I do end up walking into things). I'd love to know if this companies other wigs are as good, because if so they're going to the top of my wig-buying list. If I remember correctly, it took less than a week to arrive as well, which impressed me.

OT, but look what putting on my wig to show you guys did to my antennae. =____= It's just as well I don't have to go out again today unless I run out of coke.

-an Angel that didn't so much Fall as Saunter Vaguely Downwards-

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