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08 Aug 2014 - 21:14115109
Twilight Princess: Zelda pattern!
Hellos guys! Im looking for a decent pattern I can use as a base for this version of Zelda!


Im looking for something preferably with Kick pleats I think theyre called?
But something easily modded, because I lack a dress form and the skills =]

12 Aug 2014 - 13:59115163
Hi there,

You should be able to find a medieval dress pattern from John Lewis etc. Simplicity/Burda etc do sell costume patterns & quite a few do LOTR style dresses. The only thing they wont have is the pleat, they'll have flat skirts. However… it should be easy enough to alter, even for someone with limited skills & hopefully give you the confidence & satisfaction that you really can do it!

If you use a kick pleat (or inverted box pleat) as you suggest you'll have a bulky waist line. The shape of the piece you'll need to insert should look like the shape of a piece of cake - triangular but with a curved bottom - & then you just press it along the seam line. It might be a bit fiddly at the top but be careful & it'll be great. Essentially it'll need to be double the width of the pleat needed at the bottom because it's folded back on itself.

Hope this makes sense. Get in touch if you want any more help.

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