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18 Jul 2014 - 23:09114767
spray painting plastic
will spray painting plastic bottles work, or is there any other way I can do it? Like would I have to sand it down?

19 Jul 2014 - 00:14114769
Spray paint will crack on something that has give, like a plastic bottle. If the bottle doesn't get crushed then it'll probably be okay. But if it does, don't be surprised if it flakes! Make sure you clean off the sticky label residue if you're recycling a drinks bottle, spray paint will adhere to it and make it look really obvious. If you prime your bottle with PVA glue before hand the spray paint will go on nicely, then seal it with more PVA to make it a little more flexible

19 Jul 2014 - 06:00114771
whats PVA?

19 Jul 2014 - 21:37114781
PVA and Elastomeric paint
The cheap PVA glue is the white glue from schools. Your best to head to B&Q and get some heavy duty PVA


I also have found elastomeric paint fantastic, far better that PVA. Elastomeric paint is the black paint you would use on your roof.



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20 Jul 2014 - 00:28114788
you may want to 'key' the plastic a bit by getting some sand paper and roughing it up. This will help the spraypaint adhere better to the shiny plastic bottle

20 Jul 2014 - 00:45114791
thanks guys. everything really helped ^^

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