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15 Jul 2014 - 00:00114676
True Blood Cosplay Group Saturday of MCM London?
Hi guys,

Just wondered if there's any True Blood cosplayers out there?

Putting together 3 (hopefully!) versions of Jessica Hambu; Just turned Baby Vamp from season one in pleated tartan skirt and pig tails, Red Riding Hood Jessica with corset, cape, suspenders etc and Merlotte's Waitress Uniform Jess.

Soule be really cool if we could get a group together. Right now am aiming for the Saturday of London MCM Expo which I believe is October 25th.

I'll be Jessica Hamby if that's ok with y'all.

Let me know if you're interested and which character you wanna be!

Thanks all,

Sash xV^^Vx

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