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10 Jul 2014 - 15:54114586
Final Fantasy Fran Help
Hey. :3
I was planning on cosplaying Fran from Final Fantasy.
I have gotten into making things with wordla, and various foam. However when I look at this outfit it has me worried with a lot of things. I don't really know how to go about it. Or what areas I could make out of worbla etc. Its very confusing. Where should I start? and how should I piece this thing together?

12 Jul 2014 - 14:21114621
The easiest thing to do (and this could apply to any costume!) is just break it down into sections and look at them in detail. With Fran's costume you have the main body section, the arms, legs and helmet (and the ears and wig and stuff but I assume we're just talking about the main clothing here). So, take one of those and work out what parts make it up. I usually find drawing a rough sketch of it helps me to understand how it's constructed. Try to look at references from all angles so you can see what parts make it up, and then once you have an idea of that, you can start to think about how to make it. Her armour seems to mostly be a flat base with details added on top, so you would probably want to layer up whatever material you're using to do that. Do a couple of tests and see how it comes out.

I've not really worked with Worbla before so I'm not really sure how easy it is to make something that's as form-fitting as Fran's outfit. For the arms and legs, I think you wouldn't have too much of a problem, but for the main body it might be best to start out with fabric and build on top of it with foam, or another material, whatever you want. You can try searching for tutorials on how to make armour specifically if you want ideas there, it's not really my area of expertise!

Good luck with your costume, Fran is one of my favourite characters.

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