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26 Jul 2007 - 00:2332
<Tarutaru> <Meat dishes> <Do you need it?>

<Tarutaru> <Meat dishes> <Do you need it?>

I'm silver-vixi, also known maybe as silver_girl290
silver_fox290, dragongoddess191 (if you remember years ago) and probably more widely as Tredrial from FFXI

I'm own one of the largest code-lyoko fan clubs on deviant art, I voice act, draw and generally have a good time.

I am a gamer (FFXI mostly) and I watch copiious amounts of anime.

As far as cosplay is concerned I'm limited. I've only just started sewing and pattern making but I'm learning as fast as I can! I have had no help with my Daisya costume and its my first attempt @-@

I love making props and models, and have acted and danced in several shows in the past.

I study English Lit and Welsh and am self teaching Japanese ~ its slow going because of everything else I do lol

I also love acting, maybe this is why I love cosplaying so much.

Please bear with me!

silver-vixi xxx

26 Jul 2007 - 01:3140
A very warm welcome to ye! Its really nice to see relatively newer cosplayers to the site, I hope we can do everything to make you feel at home The forum may be a little quiet as things get going, but hopefully should become a place where you can get a lot of guidance and support.

Keep at it with your Japanese, no matter how slow it seems! I taught myself for a few years, then managed to get onto a course while I was at uni to improve it, shame now I've left I really dont have time anymore. (I blame this site )

Anyway, seems you need no encouragement to use the forums Enjoy!

26 Jul 2007 - 17:1145
Indeed ~ I need no encouraging to use the forum ^^ ~
Thank you for your welcome ^^

29 Jul 2007 - 21:5951
<Welcome> <To> <Linkshell>

Oh my god, I can't believe I got your title! XD
(Long gone are my FFXI days)

Welcome to Cosplay Island!
Hope you enjoy it here!

Voice Over/Actor - Presenter/Host - Geek/Gamer
04 Aug 2007 - 21:35112
XD thankies (again this has taken me a while to reply)
Awww you left it? >.<;

Its a good game ~ I'm just a tiny weeny bit obsessed >.>;

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