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04 Jul 2014 - 06:13114471
help with my Wander (Shadow of the Colossus) cosplay
i'm cosplaying wander from shadow of the colossus, the cosplay is almost ready, and i took some pictures, to ask you guys what do you think, and what can i do to make it better. thanks for your help! also, do i look too old to cosplay as him?

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08 Jul 2014 - 03:29114535
well, thanks for nothing

08 Jul 2014 - 09:49114539
It might help if you post a reference picture of the character. I don't know anyone who's actually played Shadow of the Colossus. And people are less inclined to help if they have to put in some work first

Personally I'd have gone with a brown wig with less volume. But the costume looks fine.

Also bear in mind this is a really slooowwwwww moving board. There's posts on the front page from the start of last month. No replies in just four days isn't unusual.

08 Jul 2014 - 11:18114541
Yeah, I understand the frustration of not getting any replies but there are quite a lot of conventions at the moment so this sites is a bit quiet while everyone's sewing/recovering. Next time maybe bump your post occasionally and give people a better chance to reply before getting annoyed.

I also agree that a brown or burgundy wig would work better for normal Wander - from the black wig I assumed you were going for late-game Wander, though then I'd say the rest of the outfit (especially the blues and green) needs to be weathered to make it darker (and going all-out with grey skin and horns would be amazing XD). In fact I'd possibly say weather the clothing a bit anyway because of how bleak SotC was.

09 Jul 2014 - 03:24114559
i would say a brown wig would finish off the costume as what i know about the way the character looks you got a good costume

keep us posted on any changes you do it

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