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24 Jun 2014 - 15:41114296
For Sale - Black/Glossy Fem Mannequin - Pick up Scotland
Just on the off chance... Kind of a tough sell!

For sale I have a glossy black ex display mannequin. Bought on ebay direct from manufacturer (the mannequin is ex from their showroom). It's in excellent condition. I bought it a couple of years ago for £170. It's only been opened to look at once, and has not been assembled by me. Still in box. It's been sitting in a rather large box in my livingroom for a bit too long now - I no longer have space for it. Was bought for displaying costumes.

PICK UP from Stirling, Scotland. I could maybe see about delivering myself if nearby ish. PM me. Offers welcome but for now I'll say £100. (previously bought for £170)

Now, of course I don't have any photos of what it looks like. I bought it a while ago and so can't find the original images but I recall it looking something like these- (yes this one has a head also)



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