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14 Apr 2009 - 18:5412850
Sumomo's Hat
Okay, I'm completely stumped I have absolutely no idea how to do Sumomo's hat, I was thinking maybe making it from cardboard first into a doughnut type shape and then maybe glueing some cloth onto the cardboard the only problem with using cardboard is that it's quite flimsy and I don't want it falling off my head at the expo or even worse ripping,anyone have any better ideas on how too create the hat? It would be really appreciated

And theres some pics of Sumomo if you don't know who she is :


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14 Apr 2009 - 19:4812853
Mocara used the same method as you to make a Sumomo hat- cardboard with fabric over top. I wore it once and it seemed pretty sturdy to me. I don't think she posts here much so I can try find out if she did anything in particular to strengthen it if you like?

14 Apr 2009 - 19:5912854
You could try using buckram - it's very stiff stuff and has the added advantage that you can sew through it. I used it to make my Ririn collar.

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14 Apr 2009 - 21:2612858
Definitely either buckram or fosshape. I'm always worried that with cardboard it's too fragile and is pretty much dead if it bends.

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