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21 Jun 2014 - 17:09114247
Suggestions for a cheap alternative to upholstery foam?
So I'm planning on making Ryuko Matoi's Berserk transformation from Kill La Kill

My main issue right now is the block arm. Ideally, I wanted to make the squares (and posssibly the "skirt" out of upholstery foam, it would be soft so if bumped into, it wouldnt hurt anyone, it wouldn't dent or snap if it got knocked, it would hold it's shape and wouldn't be too hard to cut into the squares. Not sure if I could carve it for the skirt, but that was just an idea. Anyway, the issue is that upholstery foam is really expensive, as far as I can see, and I imagine it being quite heavy. And by expensive, I mean a few hundred pounds just for the arm.

So basically, I'm trying to find a substitute with similar properties. I want something soft so not worbla or wonderflex, I wanted something solid so that it would hold it's shape, as opposed to making hollow cubes out of sheets, but this can be ignored if it can't be helped. I want something relatively soft, but sturdy, and preferably light. Any ideas? I'm looking at styrofoam blocks but I'm afraid they'll crumble and dent if damaged. I think I can afford to make the thinner cubes out of upholstery foam, but it's the 2 large ones and the skirt that are are my main issue. Any ideas and suggestions are appreciated.

If it matters, I'll be wrapping them in lyrca fabric so all of my colours match, so they dont necessarily need to be painted in any way. Thanks!

21 Jun 2014 - 18:05114249
You could try EVA foam, it is usually used as gym flooring, it comes in 60cm x 60cm x 1cm sheets, you can then make hollow boxes, it'd be soft but sturdy. You can shape it with a heatgun and glue it with super glue or hot glue.

You can stretch and glue material (e.g. pvc or vinyl) over the foam to make it uniform (that's what this guy did so I think it'd be perfect for what you want.

21 Jun 2014 - 18:25114250
Oh brilliant, I've heard of eva foam before, but for some odd reason I thought it was way more expensive than that.

Shame it doesn't look as spongey as upholstery foam, but I suppose if I can make a hollow cube, maybe I can design it to fold flat for storage and transport. I'll look into it, thanks

21 Jun 2014 - 19:31114251
No problem, it's not as spongy as upholstery foam but it does bounce back so can be pushed into a suitcase but how forgiving it is all depends on how well it's glued

You could maybe make the arms like russian dolls so they fit inside each other and possibly carry it that way?

Alternatively, if you actually wanted to use the upholstery foam, is buy it in thinner sheets and make a hollow cube with internal support structures, this would reduce the weight but also allow you to squish it smaller and will mean making the boxes easier.

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