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18 Jun 2014 - 23:44114210
SELLING - handmade Ciel Phantomhive circus version costume
Hey guys! In an effort to make more money to fund future costumes, I'm doing a bit of a clear out of some of my older ones.

I'm selling a fully handmade (and handsewn!! Didn't have a machine at that point..) Ciel circus version costume which I only ever wore one to MCM way back when.

It would include:

- Bloomers (made of a beautiful 100% dupion silk)
- Train (full black laced lined and made out of the same silk)
- Tie on waistband (made of the silk again)
- Black and white striped shirt with ruffles
- White boots with black satin ribbon laces (UK size 7)
- Eyepatch (pleather with black velvet ribbon tie up)
- Hat with black plumage (I never quite worked out a good way to attach it to the wig so that would be down to you!)
- Black and white striped thigh high stocking
- Black velvet waistcoat with vintage button

What is NOT including:
- Black thigh high stocking
- Wig
- Ruffled collar (the one I made horribly frayed and isn't worth having!)
- Purple neck ribbon (you can get that pretty easily I think!)

Here is a link to an imgur album with some pictures in:
Ciel Phantomhive Cirus Version Photos

I'll upload some more just as soon as I've sorted out my closet!

Given all that went into it, the fact that it's pretty much a complete costume and what it cost to make it originally (I'm 100% not going to end up making a profit ), I'm asking for £130.

Postage wise, if you're in the Hertfordshire or surrounding area (London included), I'd be happy to arrange a pick up/drop off of some kind. Otherwise I'd ask for £10 postage too.

Message me if you have any questions at all!

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