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13 Apr 2009 - 14:0512817
Hi!My name's Rob and I'm a cosplayer from the North West of England.I found the site after it was mentioned on the Cosplay.com forums and it looks really good!My interests are Anime,Manga,Cosplay and.........I'm rambling a bit!^_^;I look forward to talking to everyone soon!

13 Apr 2009 - 14:2712819
Welcome to the Island! The features here are fantastic! It's a brilliant and friendly forum combined with some of the easiest to manage galleries you'll find. I love it here!

CosplayIsland Staff Member

13 Apr 2009 - 21:0912834
A big welcome and stuff!

13 Apr 2009 - 21:1912835
Yay another cosplayer from the North west Welcome to the island hun, it's great here! If you ever need any advise or anyone to talk to this is the site, it's so helpful (seriously I've asked for some much help on here since I'm such a noob haha >.<

14 Apr 2009 - 11:4012844
littlegeeky is right ^^ any help just drop people a line ^.^ people are real friendly on here

14 Apr 2009 - 13:1612846
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!^_^

26 Apr 2009 - 12:1513410
Welcome, I hope you have fun here =D

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