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16 Jun 2014 - 19:28114169
Spiderman costume help
Hey guys I'm brand spanking new to this and I was wondering if anyone could help me out I bought a pattern from ebay of a spiderman costume from the new film the amazing spiderman 2 which I plan to get printed onto Lycra using dye sublimination I contacted a company and they instructed that I make sure the program is adequately sized to my body and since I'm absolutely useless with this I'm pretty lost and wonder if anyone could help me and resize the file apparently the suit is set to fit anyone between 5ft 9 and 6ft 1 but I don't know that for sure . Any help would be massively apreciated !


21 Jun 2014 - 18:02114248
Do you mean you bought a sewing pattern, or the design that has to be printed? If I'm guessing correctly that you mean sewing pattern, and that when you say you're new to this, you mean sewing, then please let me just warn you that sewing with lycra is hard. Really hard. I've been sewing nearly 15 years, and lycra is just a hard fabric to sew with. Learning to sew is hard in the first place with normal fabric that doesn't stretch, so if this is your first sewing venture then I can't suggest enough that you just buy a morph suit or men's dance leotard and have that printed.
If you are able to sew, or you're just really determined, then the only way to see if it will fit, other than going by the measurements on the pattern, is to make it. If you can find some cheaper lycra to make it in first, then use that, but make sure it's exactly the same stretch as your final fabric, otherwise it wont fit the same. If you make it first with plain lycra then it'll give you practise, and if it doesn't fit then you'll be able to alter it until it works, and then use it as a pattern for when you make the final costume.

Good luck, and make sure you've got lots of time to make the costume before whatever event you're wearing it to in case anything goes wrong. It's always best to buy too much fabric rather than not enough, and invest in a laaarge can of anti perspirant. Lycra is soooo nasty to wear in the heat, and it'll show any sweat marks if you get sticky.

25 Jun 2014 - 08:49114317
re-spidy costume
HI I totally agree with the ladies statement above if you have no sewing experience stretchy fabric is hard!
You will also need a twin needle on your sewing machine.
My mum who has been sewing for many years tried to make one
for someone 2 years ago and struggled with the hands, they
were a real pain to sew and in the end she gave up because
they just looked a mess. So if you don't know what you are doing
then this type of costume could seriously stress you out.
I expect someone with the knowhow in sewing this stuff properly could do it for you for a high price though
I expect because I found that asking anyone who's in the business of
selling costumes to clients won't give away their secrets.

I wish you luck anyway


Tracy The Pink Princess
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