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14 Jun 2014 - 14:50114127
EMERGENCY COSPLAY SALE! Please help Zomboi & Pudding afford food & stuff!
EVERYTHING MUST GO! (Reasonable) OFFERS ACCEPTED! P&P included in all prices!

Pudding is dragging Zomboi with her to exhibit at Allergy & Free From Show South and they need a bit of help to get there, so if you're near the London Olympia between the 4th and 6th of July come along to stand A10 and say hi to the [Do Not] Feed the Animals... team. Get your free tickets here: http://www.allergyshow.co.uk/go/dnfta

We're also doing LFCC and some of our funding has fallen though so in order to afford to eat whilst at both events (and print off some snazzy postcards, flyers, etc.) we need a bit of help. Hence the emergency cosplay sale!

Lady Loki. Approx UK Size 12-14, may fit a small 16. Includes cape, belts, skirt, corset, gloves/armwarmers, leggings and shoulder armour. £95 o.n.o

Boots (with small tear in one heel) are a UK size 5 and are available for £10 o.n.o

Neophyte Redglare, approx UK size 12-16. Includes leggings (may need some minor TLC), top, waistcoat, skirt and gloves. Glasses, wig and horns have already been sold. £110 o.n.o

Scalemate staff available separately for £40 o.n.o

Arkham Asylum Poison Ivy, approx Uk size 14-16 (based on a medium sized Zentai suit). Includes bodysuit, shirt, panties and an extra ivy vine. £55 o.n.o

Scanty Cosplay (could work for Kneesocks also), slightly stained by red facepaint around collar of shirt and jacket. Approx ladies UK size 12-14. Includes jacket, shirt, skirt, belt, armband and horns, plus new, uponed pair of red tights. £35 o.n.o

Vocaloid Halloween Meltic Dream Len & Rin. Rin approx UK size 14-16, Len to fit approx 42" chest. Includes cape(s), tunic or dress and tail(s), £35 each or £40 each or £75 the pair, o.n.o

Vocaloid Love Coloured Ward Len, to fit 42" chest, shorts may need some tlc. Includes hat, top, shorts, bow, cuffs, badges and legwarmers. £40 o.n.o

Shizuka Marikawa from HotD, approx UK size 14. Includes booby shirt, skirt, cosplay panties (only every worn over several layers of tights and knickers). £60 o.n.o

Shoes are a UK size 4, £6 o.n.o

Peter Pan, approx UK size 8-10. Includes tunic, dagger, sheath and hat, £35 o.n.o

Shoes are a UK size 5 and are £6 o.n.o

I might also be willing to part with my X-Men First Class Magneto cosplay (Approx UK size 12-ish) for a reasonable offer.

Plus, my Mighty Boosh Bob Fossil shirt (approx UK size 10) is £10 o.n.o!

And Zomboi's and my Fairly Odd Parents wigs are up for grabs, but in need of some major TLC, £30 for the pair or £15 each o.n.o.

If none of those take your fancy, you can also help out by donating to the [DNFTA] crowdfunding campaign: http://bloomvc.com/project/DNFTA-Does-Allergy-and-Free-From-Show-South-2014-2

Please, please help us out of a tight spot!

Pick-up also available from LFCC.

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14 Jun 2014 - 19:05114132

15 Jun 2014 - 21:11114153
Updated post with full listing. Facebook link was broken and idk how to make it work.

PLEASE buy our stuff!

27 Jun 2014 - 23:41114356

04 Jul 2014 - 01:24114468

Is poison ivy still available?

20 Oct 2014 - 06:10116130
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