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14 Jun 2014 - 01:03114120
Eva Foam?
Anybody know a good place to get Eva 6mm foam rolls in the uk or that delivers to the uk?

14 Jun 2014 - 07:20114121
I've not seem any 6mm.

But Tesco Direct do 4mm and 15mm EVA yoga mats, and Sports direct do 5mm yoga mats.

14 Jun 2014 - 10:04114123
I'm currently working EVA on my first cosplay and while I am definitely no expert I'd just suggest maybe going with a different thickness slightly if you cannot find the exact size. I'm using 8mm foam for something that should be done with 12mm but once I've put the pieces together you can't really tell.

14 Jun 2014 - 11:32114124
I use a lot of 6mm plastazote and I source a lot of my supplies from the awesome 4D Model Shop (http://modelshop.co.uk/). Not sure how strict your desire to use EVA is, but I'd recommend giving plastazote a look over if you're struggling to find 6mm and you're strict on it being that thickness.

15 Jun 2014 - 22:20114154
Thank you =)
Thanks for the advice guys, i honestly don't know what set my mind on 6mm because this will be my first armor cosplay, but i am planning on trying a lot of different materials of all different measurements over time.

15 Jun 2014 - 23:11114156
Depends on what armour you're doing but I've used 10mm stuff for most of my stuff but it's generally pretty bulky armour but if you're looking for 6mm, Nesabi is right plastazote is great. I got quite large sheets from http://www.thamesvalleysupplies.co.uk/rubber-item.php?key=261&time=1402870191 but you can get 8mm interlocking foam tiles off Ebay too.

15 Jun 2014 - 23:59114158
Making Saiyan Armor.
I did find this on amazon, it's 6-7mm... reckon it's worth the money?


I'm totally gonna check out plastazote, i take it it works in a similar way to EVA?

17 Jun 2014 - 20:55114196
Ahh OK, I was going to ask what particular armour set you were making.

Plastazote is similar to EVA but it feels quite different and obviously different types of material lend themselves better to different builds. Plastazote is pretty flexible and lightweight, and not too bulky, which in my opinion would work well with the type of thing you're going for (assuming by Saiyan armour you mean something like Vegeta wears?). Also, don't forget you can combine materials for detailing and such, even if you choose to use a particular material for the bulk of the build.

I'd highly recommend going to a shop that sells the products you're thinking of using or buying a small quantity of each to play around with and work out if it's going to work for you. It's all very well me saying what would work but if you're not comfortable with that material it's probably not going to go very far!

Obviously happy to provide further advice if you need it!

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