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12 Apr 2009 - 16:5012785
Dark red contact lenses?
Hello ^^

Does anyone have any idea where I can get dark red/burgundy/maroon contact lenses, as opposed to bright red? I've had a bit of a google but so far I've not had any luck.

I'll be cosplaying as Princess Kraehe/Rue from Princess Tutu - here's a link to the eye colour!


Thank you in advance!

12 Apr 2009 - 17:0612787
if u look on http://www.foreyez.com/ they do a red block and plain red contacts that look dark and there great contacts that last 30 days with the cleaning solution and a case chucked in.

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12 Apr 2009 - 20:4412790
While the red from there isn't as dark as you require (to see that red on a person, check out some of my Alucard pictures as the Red Block contacts are the ones I used for that) they're the cheapest and best you're going to get.

If you want better, you'll be paying over £50 easily.

You can get some great lenses from http://www.9mmsfx.com/lenses.html but they're £100 a pair and that's before shipping.

CosplayIsland Staff Member

12 Apr 2009 - 21:3712792
Ah those ones are so pretty! But soo expensive.

Thank you both though!

I might go with a brown, as her eyes really aren't bright red...

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