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07 Jun 2014 - 21:36114040
Newbie help post for Spider-Girl [Anya Corazon]
As I mentioned in my intro post I play to attend London Film and Comic Con, in cosplay, in a little over a month's time. But I have basically no experience in making costumes.

I've picked Anya for several reasons:
1) I really like the character (naturally.)
2) I have the right hair for it (mostly, no fringe.)
3) It seems like it should be a relatively simple costume for a first effort.

The foundation seems simple: buy a morphsuit. But in terms of the spider pattern I can see two basic ways to do it.
1) "Paint" or otherwise apply colour directly to the fabric — if possible.
2) Attach a second layer of fabric on top of the base.

The first question regards the manufacturer of the suit. One brand seems to have significantly more presence than any others — not least because their brand name has largely become a generic term for such suits (at least as fancy dress goes.) But that doesn't mean they're the best, and their vague implications that they invented or co-invented the concept (when at best they "invented" mass marketing them) makes me wary; but if they make the best suits then I'll go with them.

If I'm applying colour direct to the fabric I'm guessing applying black on white is far easier than the other way around. But there's also a greater possibility with white that under certain lighting (esp. camera flash) could expose under the suit — maybe double up on suits?

If I'm adding a second layer of fabric the base would be black. I'm currently thinking I'll sew the two fabrics together. But I don't know how such stitching will react on a suit designed to stretch and flex while being worn so maybe there's other ways?

There's a lot here, and I'll be trying to find answers over Google too. but I've found sometimes when you know next to nothing about a subject it's not even clear what you need to search for.

08 Jun 2014 - 15:58114047
First off I would recommend staying clear of the...... because of the branding, it's not visible on their advertising but on the rear of the suit just at the small of the back is a large printed logo this would makes it a nightmare for applying design to. I have personally used http://www.bodysocks.co.uk they also do a wide range of colours with both head and no head.
I have not personally used it but I have heard good reports about dylon for use with synthetic fibres and a batik method for crating the negative space.
Hope this is helps

10 Jun 2014 - 17:24114089
Ahh yes, I do remember reading at some point about their branding, then forgetting it, thanks for the alternative.

I looked up Dylon, and they specifically say their dyes are not for "Polyester, Nylon and other synthetics". But then their Australian site contradicts that slightly suggesting you may still get results, just less dramatic; this is rather unhelpful.

Between that and the fact that batik sounds like a method that needs practice I'm actually leaning toward the fabric paints they sell which sound more within my skill level AND allow white on black — minimising the amount of work needed over the reverse combination; that it lasts less well through washes and normal wear-and-tear seems less of a concern unless I decide to switch to cosplay as daily wear.

Time to fire up the credit card and wait.

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