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04 Jun 2014 - 10:00113948
Sheffields Film & Comic con!
So yeah, a sheffield comic con is happening!
Just wondered if anyone had been looking at it and if anyone was planning on going?

04 Jun 2014 - 17:59113955
When is it? very tempted if I get it off work

05 Jun 2014 - 05:59113970
Would love to go if knew dates and stuff but it'll getting down there and stuff! itching to get to a Con after not being able to attend London as it was the weekend I got back off holiday

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05 Jun 2014 - 07:41113972
Quote Mew Rocky:
When is it?


Saturday the 30th of August till the 31st on the Sunday.

Looks like it'd be fun, for me it's an issue of getting there unfortunately.

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