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02 Jun 2014 - 16:10113890
Beginner to costume making. Any advise needed

I have my own sewing machine and have made a few items of clothing for myself as well as a couple of plushies but I now want to start making my own costumes.

As I have never done such a large project I would be grateful for amy advise you have.

What's the best materials to use for costumes?

Are there any hints and tips useful for costume making?

Where is the best place to look for patterns?

I have been debating making a Leafa and Silila Costume for me and my friend as my first project ready for MCM Glasgow in the september. I already kinda know how I'm going to make them but any help on where to find good patterns/tutorials/hints and tips would be great.

Leafa Reference

Silica Reference


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