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31 May 2014 - 13:11113849
Costume help for complete novice - Howl and Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle, Tinkerbell
Hi guys,

Seeking a bit of help with three costumes. First off, I've managed to convince my boyfriend to cosplay Howl Pendragon with myself as Sophie Hatter, but only if I source/make/buy the costume for him, as he's not all that interested in costume itself, more in wearing the costume and being the character for the day.

We want to cosplay Howl and Sophie from their first scene together;

Originally I wanted to buy both costumes online/commission them, as I've never made a costume from scratch before and although at a stretch I could attempt Sophie's dress, there's no way Howl's jacket could be my first cosplay project, it sounds/looks too complex.

However, I won't be able to get my boyfriend's measurements for a while as he's going away for a few months back to his hometown and relying on him to measure himself accurately would not be a particularly good decision on my part. So I was hoping to buy a standard-size male costume for him instead of irritating a commissioner with inaccurate measurements and estimates. But I'm having trouble finding places to buy. We've already sorted the jewellery, wig, shoes and trousers, it's the shirt and jacket that we need to find. I've found the costume on CosplayMagic, CosplayHouse and CosplayFu but I've never used any of those websites and I'm not sure how reliable they are - and the price differences are a bit worrying?

Can anyone recommend where to get costumes for Howl and Sophie, or a commissioner who could help in this situation? Thank you!

Secondly, I'm looking to sew my first costume from scratch, and I'm hoping for this to be Tinkerbell, from Peter Pan. I've researched people who have made her dress, and there are a lot of different techniques depending on who you ask/which variation you want to do.

I'd like to do a version similar to the official Parks design, similar to this;

And the best way of replicating this I've found has been to make a simple green dress and use fabric paint to add details, in a slightly darker green than the fabric and a slighter light green than the fabric. Can anyone recommend me a brand of fabric paint/where to get it, and if there's a specific fabric I should make the dress out of, to make sure it gets along with the fabric paint? (I'm also considering making the dress in white, and then dying it, as this way I can buy white shoes and dye them the exact same colour instead of trying to source matching shoes)

I've found a couple of patterns that have been recommended for altering (on here);



But they seem like they could be slightly too loose for a Tink dress? Does anyone have any other recommendations? And does anyone have any tips for modifying the hem to have the zigzags? It looks simple enough but any advice would be wonderful.

Also, for the wings, I've found the usual way of making wings is to make a wire frame, then cover that in an shimmery/transparent fabric, and glue it to the frame where needed. Can anyone recommend me places to source wire for that, a glue that would work well (apparently a hot glue gun works well, but I feel that could be pretty messy on an organza-type fabric) and if there's a specific name for that sort of fabric?

I'm sorry this is such a novel! But any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

31 May 2014 - 17:14113855
First and foremost sternum would you Howl for and what sort of budget are you looking at? Check out my profile for my Howl costumes. Have made a couple so far. I can offer help as a commissioner should you cost that route.

31 May 2014 - 20:16113862
Hi! Your costumes are really amazing. I'm not looking to commission right now, but in the next two months or so, because then we'll both be working and have more money coming in. For the Howl shirt and jacket I would expect about £50 at the very cheapest, and the same for Sophie's dress - at the very cheapest avaliable. If we do decide to commission I will definitely be in touch! Thank you!

06 Jun 2014 - 17:26114010
Little bump!

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