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29 May 2014 - 19:10113800
Creating a 'wet look' or shiny effect on fabric? - Or wet look bodysuits?
My cosplay group are planning Marvel's Carnage, Venom, & Lasher (symbiote versions) for LFCC this winter. The problem is that without even starting we're stuck - it seems to be impossible to find 'wet look' or slightly shiny bodysuits anywhere.
The effect we're looking for needs to be a sort of understated shine, not like the bodysuits you find that are latex effect and super shiny; more like the leggings that have been in fashion recently.

My question is, can anyone help us to either find reasonably priced bodysuits with this effect, or (preferably) suggest ways to create it on the already existing bodysuits? Perhaps some kind of varnish/spray/anything?

Any help would be amazing, as we're stumped on what to do! Thanks

30 May 2014 - 19:33113825
hmmm i know latex has a spray you use to make it shiny but i cant think of any that make spandex/fabric shiny yet still stretchy im afraid

best thing would be to buy wet look/metallic fabric i guess

30 May 2014 - 20:55113831
Shouldn't be to hard to find, what you need is coated Lycra, same material wet look leggings are made of, its light, breathable and stretchy, but not as shiny as proper PVC or polished latex.

I've got a few costumes made of it, look at Black Cat, Ms Marvel and Black Canary on my profile, Ms Marvel was bought from a Chinese cosplay/zentai site, Black Cat is a modified off the shelf Catsuit and I bought the fabric and sewed Black Canary's bodysuit myself (and I'm rubbish at sewing).

Just put wet look bodysuit or catsuit into ebay and avoid PVC and Latex ones (these are often more expensive anyway). You can even get a "Miss Whiplash" wet look catsuit at a lot of fancy dress shops.

01 Jun 2014 - 12:17113875
Thanks so much guys- unfortunately I have a latex allergy anyway so that'd be off the cards. I will definitely try searching up your suggestions though!

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