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28 May 2014 - 14:36113775
For sale: AoT, FF, MH, MGS cosplays
Hi all
Once again I'm having a clear-out of some of my old costumes in order to make space (and money) for new ones.

As always, I'm happy to consider any offers, as I kinda need space.

Attack on Titan uniforms:
One size 10, one 40" chest (will have to confirm since that's my partner's one, but I think he's done with it). Jacket, harness and skirt thingy. Harness has been sewn at the right size but can be undone to allow adjustments. Jackets both have scouting legion patches but these can be removed to put other ones in their places. Ideally looking for £50 for each set.

FFX Wedding Yuna:
So I ended up with this to use, but it's too big for me being size 14-16. Comes with dress and veil. Nice fabric. Obviously hasn't been worn by me. Looking for £40.

Also considering getting rid of:

Monsgter Hunter female Rathian gunner armour:

Size 10-12. I know MH isn't wldly popular though so just contact me if you're interested.

and MGS4 Meryl:

Undersuit and kit. Undersuit size 10-12, kit fully adjustable. No set price yet, so looking for offers if anyone's interested.

31 May 2014 - 11:11113847
Would it okay to see more pics of the Yuna wedding dress and possibly a measurement for size please? ^_^


31 May 2014 - 17:05113854
Sure thing
It's a bit hard to measure since the train splays out from near the waist, if you get what I mean? So it's about 40" around the bust, and about 38" at the waist becuase of the train ^_^' Sorry I can't be more helpful, but if there's any other measurements you'd like, let me know I think it'd be pretty simple to alter down too, if needed.

And more piccies:

I'm afraid I had to pin it onto my dummy becuase my dummy no longer likes expanding properly And the train isn't curled inwards, I just didn't have room to lay it out properly.

Again, any more piccies you'd like, let me know

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15 Jun 2014 - 21:42114155
Small AoT uniform sold but otherwise all still for sale

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