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27 May 2014 - 03:16113718
Seto Kousuke Jumpsuit Help
Okay so, I'm in a big rut right now. I need to find Seto's jumpsuit in less than 2 weeks before a con coming up (A-kon). I've tried to look up anything involving "jumpsuit", "hooded onsie", and "coveralls" but I get no results for what I'm looking for.

^ That's what it looks like ^

I'm mostly looking for something that already has a hood, but if not than I can sew one on that doesn't. I'm also trying to find something that has only one pocket on his chest and no front pockets in the middle like on a normal hoodie. I've got the goggles covered, and don't worry about the white on the sleeves because I will sew those on.

So please I really need help on finding something like his. Thank you if you can help!

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