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26 May 2014 - 22:19113712
Attack on titan flag
I have two questions

1.is there anywhere I can get a 5x3 recon corps flag.

2. will I be allowed to carry one around a convention on a stick (don't know what the right name for one is).

El psy congroo
26 May 2014 - 23:14113713
Well, let's see. Unless they've changed it, the maximum prop size for the MCM Expo is 150cm. The flag alone would be 130cm x 90cm (assuming it's five-by-three feet).

I've seen photos dotted around of people with flags/banners of various sizes. If you had it so it could be broken into sections, you could likely get away with having it split up to carry around. They make such provisions for scythes as they often end up being pretty long.

Have the pole (the bit you hold in order to wave the thing around) as one section, while the second section would have an extra section of pole which has the pre-hoisted flag attached to it.

Then, when you're getting a group photo done, you can whip it out, put it together and be all awesome. As for where you could get one, I'm not entirely sure, though I imagine it wouldn't be too difficult to make one. The challenge would be drawing/painting out the Recon Corps insignia to the correct size.

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