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22 May 2014 - 17:56113635
Hey Guys~
So us people from the UK Dance page wanted to organise our usual dance meet, but have the problem that we have no speakers. This means we can't organise anything, so there's currently no meet.
I'd like to ask if anyone is willing to lend us a speaker?

If your interested in joining the dance meet, that's fine, but please bare in mind that there will be no meet if we can't find a speaker in time.
I realise this is quite last minute, but I've always looked forward to the dance meets, so it'd be a shame to cancel it because we have me speakers.

- the speakers must be loud enough to play outside.

If we manage to get some speakers, the meet will be on Saturday at London MCM Expo, outside by the trees, with an undecided time at the moment.

Thanks in advance~

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