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09 Apr 2009 - 19:2812670
Hello from Russia^^
Hi everyone, I'm from Russia)) Cosplay is my life, so, I hope we will be friends^^


Potentia Regere (c)
Noblesse oblige (c)
26 Apr 2009 - 12:1813413
Russia thats AWESOME! Welcome

04 May 2009 - 17:2913881
Welcome! I have never been to Russia, but my dad spent a lot of time in Ukraine so he knows the language pretty well. I wish I knew the language too!

I really like your costumes so far, they are really good and I will love to see your future cosplay costumes! (Especially would like to see the Trinity Blood costume because I like it a lot!)

I hope you can learn some great things on cosplayisland! Enjoy your time here ^^

xx Tetra xx
04 May 2009 - 19:1013893
Hi! Welcome to CosplayIsland ^_^ I'm really glad you've joined us and I can't wait to see some of your costumes!

CosplayIsland Staff Member

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