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04 May 2014 - 08:43113217
10-Month-Old tickets...
OK here's the deal. We have a baby. He will be 10 months old in May. We are going to MCM in May, and want to buy priority tickets. HOWEVER I've just discovered that we will have to pay for him. £31 for a 10 month old that can't even WALK yet, and will be carried by us for the whole day.

So do we go General Entry and face the super-long queue, or suck it up and pay? Or just not take him, even though I've spent quite a bit on making his cosplay already...

Man, this is just wrong.

04 May 2014 - 09:11113218
I recommend messaging them and asking if you actually have to pay for him. He's a 10 month baby, technically speaking anyone that isn't walking shouldn't count as a ticket (this is how it works in every other industry).

Ayacon Plans
04 May 2014 - 09:38113220
Yeah that's what I would have thought. It says on the tickets page that free entry for under 10s is only available on general entry, and if booking priority they need to pay regardless of age. In bold letters and everything. It seems really off, cos yeah he isn't walking. We are literally gonna be carrying him around in a sling all day. He is pretty much an accessory! I can't call until Tuesday either

04 May 2014 - 09:54113221
That's -mad- it should apply to both, because really you could be standing in the regular ticket line for up to three hours. And three hours in a crowded, hot, loud area for a baby just cant be pleasant. Say if he needs feeding or changing you'd be less than happy to just walk out of the line after an hour and a half.
I have a niece around the same age as your child, and to be honest I wouldn't be too thrilled about bringing her along because of how busy it is and how hot it can get in there - unless it's a case of you're attending on one of the quieter days and not for the full day (so basically, anything but saturday) I'd personally keep a child of that age at home where they can remain comfortable, but it's not possible for everyone and you can get a bit stir crazy sitting at home with kids, it's getting them out and interested as well as yourself.

Definitely mail the organisers though to see if they can help you out, if not you can always have a private shoot in their cute little costume... you know, before you blink and they've outgrown everything again! XD

04 May 2014 - 14:47113222
Oh yeah he is ridiculously sociable. I don't have any qualms about bringing him to expo other than the price thing, mainly because of how interested in everything he is. He hates being at home, and when he has lots to look at and lots to do he is just the happiest little chap in the whole world, so the thing about taking him vs leaving him is not really the issue. The other good thing is that we can take him outside in May as well and it won't be too cold, and a LOT less busy than inside if he needs a break.

I'll drop them a message.

Does anyone know of anyone on these forums that brings their kids to expo? I've seen babies there before, so there must be some people who should know the deal.

04 May 2014 - 19:20113225
We took a baby last time. Any child under 3 gets in free regardless of general entry or priority entry.

04 May 2014 - 19:33113228
Thanks so much Teacup! That's amazing news. Does it say that anywhere on the website at all? Cos I don't want to get our tickets and find out we should have paid for him, in case policies have changed or anything...


05 May 2014 - 17:55113237
No worries. The website says nothing, I just spoke to someone before we went in October. It was confirmed on a forum post recently so I'm sure it's still valid.
I will say though, you might want to take your little one in a lightweight stroller if you can, rather than a sling/harness. Teddy got very overheated in the crowds even in his pram, and people aren't really looking for babies, so it's a good idea to make it as obvious as physically possible.

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