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02 May 2014 - 01:11113179
Attack on titan, Maneuver Gear [help]
Does anyone know where I can get a Maneuver Gear from Attach on titan cheap?

02 May 2014 - 13:24113188
You won't find the gear anywhere cheaply, the price will always be between £200-£300+

The cheapest option is to make one yourself by getting materials by your own and making it yourself for around £60.

I have to make mine out of cardboard, since I have no money at all, and I'm telling you now, don't use cardboard, it'll break easily!

02 May 2014 - 20:51113195
Bear in mind that with any costume part, you'll get out what you put in. You probably could get one for "cheap", but it will probably look cheap and/or be flimsy. And don't forget they're pretty hefty. Postage alone is probably going to cost you a bomb to get it to you safely.

I'd agree with the above as to say that making one yourself would be a good idea, but make sure you invest in good materials.

Alias' journal for her Annie cosplay has her 3DMG broken down into steps, and it's really helpful

03 May 2014 - 07:43113197
It's already been said but you're not going to get one ready made on the cheap unless you commission one with a clear budget in mind and I would suggest asking them to make it out of the lightest (but stable) materials possible - these things seem to defy gravity with little support!

The pre made ones you can find on ebay/etsy from China are apparently quite heavy and clumsy looking.

Might be worth checking out some of the AoT groups on facebook, see if anyone has made a set they're looking to sell. At least that way you'll have an idea of the scale and weight before buying.

27 May 2014 - 17:38113740
Personally I believe the cheapest way would have to be making it yourself since it is possible to just make it with some wire, 3~5 A2 (cheaper than A3) foam board(mount board) from hobbycraft, and ~4 empty 1L bottles (EX: cheap tesco's brand lemonade ect). Some glue, a ruler, and spray paint.
That'd be...
foam board_|3.00 x 3~5
bottles______|0.60 x 4
wire________|1.75 x 1
Spray Paint_|4.95 x 1 {Unless you already have it}
glue________|6.36 x 1 {{Unless you already have it}

£24.46 or £30.46

Based on the bare essentials from this tutorial
it all depends on how much time you wish to spend on it, or if you'd rather spend more money on it just so you don't have to make it.


23 Mar 2015 - 21:54117669
Thank you for all of your advice, luckily I had some commisioned for £69.92 thanks to the Milanoo website shipping a bit pricy for £30.31 with discount of £27.63 it all came up to £72.60.

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