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01 May 2014 - 20:06113176
rexyrex cosplay/wig and hard dance mat for sale.
http://s170.photobucket.com/user/bigfanfrodo/library/Cosplay%20and%20stuff?sort=3&page=1 What you will see will get (apart from the cat ears)

Black wig short, shoulder length £5

Brown wig short, shoulder length £15 (can be seen worn in my cosplay profile pictures as Light)

Black and white tuffs cat ears i think they are made of clay like in picture. £20

hard dance mat Ps2 may work one PS1. £20 (deliver only, yorkshire area)

Claude faustus cosplay. £20 Size M as it a tad to big on me.

Rat/mouse paw S/M £20

Rat/mouse tail one long and one short.... £5 each.

Cat tail £20

Power ranger green suit £30

PR gloves with forearm S/M £20

Gold bands for arms £10

PW Boots £30 (size unsure) its a tight fit. (will need to measure it as it was made to fit me.)

white hood £10

any questions let me know, i try and give as much information as i can. Came from a smoke free home all item is used but well looked after. warning i do have a Cat

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