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22 Apr 2014 - 17:50112969
opinions on wearing hoodys and onesies as cosplay
today I was having a discussion with my friends about cosplay and during the conversation we got onto the topic of Pikachu onesies. two of my friends which haven't cosplayed or even been to a convention are said that people wearing one to a convention is lazy and ridicules and that they shouldn't be worn at conventions. now my opinion on this is that I don't care about what people wear but I was just wondering what the general opinion on wearing one is.

El psy congroo
22 Apr 2014 - 18:18112970
Conventions should be the last place a person ever gets judged for what they're wearing (you shouldn't be anyway, but hopefully you see what I mean by that).

Rock on wearing those onesies! A huge part of the fun of a convention for some people is what they get to wear, whether it be a cosplay outfit, a onesie or a nerdy shirt. Maybe people in onesies want to dress up but don't have the time (maybe learning about the con was really last minute) or the budget to put much together and a onesie is all they have. Maybe they have a onesie and they love it but don't get to wear it much for whatever reason. Maybe they're curious about the whole cosplay thing and a onesie is testing out the waters for them.

I don't own a onesie (yet) but those things look really cosy. At the end of a convention day when a wig is really starting to pinch and I'm tired of the limited movement of my costume, I've looked at people in onesies and thought 'they must be so much more comfortable than me right now'. And good on them for that too.

22 Apr 2014 - 19:03112974
There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a kigu or a hoodie at a con, whether it's made or bought.
I've worn Kigu's before because two of my other costumes have been time consuming or I've just not been well enough to do three big ones so I opted for something I know I can wear around the house or at conventions if I need something comfortable!

But like you've said, they've not experienced cosplays or conventions so they're not really in a position to put people down for it. Wear whatever you want and have fun.

22 Apr 2014 - 19:43112976
I have no problem at all with these. Conventions are a place where you are free to wear whatever you wish (as long as its decent of course). I dont consider them lazy at all ^^ I see them as a nice cosy option for the evenings and time out of cosplay My friends and I wore kigus at our last convention just for fun but we also wore some pretty elaborate costumes over the weekend XD

In my opinion, hoodies and kigus are no different from wearing a geeky shirt or a nice gothic dress ^^ Of course some are handmade which is a bonus

Alcon 2016

22 Apr 2014 - 22:26112979
I don't see a real problem with them a lot of the time if you haven't got enough money to make Cosplays but want to still join in on the fun why not improvise

22 Apr 2014 - 22:34112980
so the general consensus is that it is ok to wear a onesie at a convention. the reason that the topic came up was the fact that I only currently have my U.N.I.T cosplay and I thought that a onesie would be usefull to have as a backup costume as I have became quite paranoid about my costume breaking after something that happened at a 40s event and I was thinking a Pikachu onesie would fit in a bag incase my cosplay broke

El psy congroo
23 Apr 2014 - 07:00112986
To be honest I bring my chespin onesie to almost every convention I go to, I don't wear it all the time because I prefer to wear other things however I have it there as something to wear in the evenings or incase I wanna get out of my cosplay (most of which are either fursuits) so it's nice to put it on for a change c:

23 Apr 2014 - 09:18112988
I like to look at the onesies and hoodies walking around the cons, and I often think to myself how happy and comfortable they look! (Not that it's hard to find a sad person at a con...) Sometimes I even feel a tad envious at how comfortably onesie owners can adventure around cons.
In my opinion, there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in onesie-wearing at cons, and I've fangirled plenty of times over different kigus and hoodies. In my eyes, it's still a kind of cosplay.

~ express yourself ~
23 Apr 2014 - 19:59113015
Conventions wouldn’t be the same without all of the Pikachu onesies dotted around the place. I like looking through my crowd photos after the event and playing spot the Pikachus

24 Apr 2014 - 02:05113022
I am always jealous of people wearing kigus at cons when I'm in a less than comfy cosplay.

It's as much a Japanese street fashion as any Lolita, so I see nothing wrong with it. I don't have a kigu, but I will be making myself some next year, but I've done loads of t-shirt/hoodie cosplays. In fact, I've had to make myself a list of cosplay rules because of CFS and getting overexcited to the point where I was wearing 6-8 cosplays to a 3 day event at one point... yeah, oops!

Be comfy, do a Matryoshka hoodie or wear a kigu! Pyjama cosplay is the best. Also gym uniform/burumas cosplay is good during the summer when it's a bit toasty for a kigu.

25 Apr 2014 - 13:58113062
It can be argued that conventions are the last place that people should be judged for what they wear.
But there's a reason that first impressions are important.
In my mind, it's slovenly.

Procrastinate Now. Don't put it off!
25 Apr 2014 - 18:13113068
Hell just as long as they don't wear them 3 days in a row without changing or washing then what's the fuss? Or at least a little fabreeze!

25 Apr 2014 - 23:43113076
I tend to think of onesies more as character-based fashion. Plenty of people go as gijinkas and dress in lolita styles so there is absolutely no reason why onesies shouldn't be welcome as well. Anime conventions are about celebrating your favourite characters and fandoms with like-minded people. Not eveyone's main reason for cosplay is the construction side of it so calling a choice that is important to you lazy is pretty rude. You should go with what you will enjoy the most.


30 Apr 2014 - 10:29113159
I think this question really depends on how the 'cosplayer' is trying to be perceived.

I don't judge anyone in a Pikachu hoodie who's wearing it because it's 'in theme' of the con and it's comfy. Passing it off as cosplay is something slightly different. I've always considered cosplay in the following order: non-cosplay/in-theme clothing (pikachu hoodies/gamer tshirts), pre-bought costumes, expensive and well-made pre-bought costumes, then hand-made costumes.

I will always favour 'true' cosplayers (those that make the effort to do things by hand) over 'got it from Argos' cosplayers.

For being comfortable round a con? I don't care. I normally cosplay on the Saturday then go in complete civvies on the Sunday for shopping anyway.

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30 Apr 2014 - 10:57113160
Quote LewaKyser:
I think this question really depends on how the 'cosplayer' is trying to be perceived.

Actually a good point.

Unless the person has also made an effort with footwear/makeup/accessories I wouldn't class a onesie as cosplay. But it's definitely in the same ballpark. And I have no issues with people wearing them to cons, as they fit the general theme. If its an anime event, then it fits into "Japaneses street fashion" too as others have said. (And even if it wasn't, its none of my business what they wear as long as it's not offensive or indecent )

You also have no idea what they're been doing/wearing earlier! I often feel a bit self conscious walking around in civvies if I've had to change back early because an attention-grabbing costume was getting uncomfortable or impractical.


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01 May 2014 - 22:54113178
I wouldn't consider it a cosplay, but I wouldn't really care either.

Ultimately we're all there to show appreciation to something we love (and to a lot of people it's the only time we can really express ourselves and wear whatever we please) so I wouldn't think anything of it.

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02 May 2014 - 06:50113180
Another point is that not everyone in the convention hall is going to feel cofidant enough to want to wear a costume all day, so they may have a onesie or kigurumi as a backup or just to wear as it's more comfortable for them to wear without getting too self concious. (and before anyone asks yes even though everyone at expo is in costume it is possible to get nervous, especilly on the first, second time ect...)

02 May 2014 - 08:38113182
Echoing what everyone else has said, don't be afraid to wear a onesie at a con! You'll see them dotted all over the place.

Interestingly I made my own onesie as a variant for a character on a thursday night of a con for just something fun and comfy to hang around in. As I made it myself, put effort into it and it was themed around the character I do class it as cosplay. (I've uploaded it here too: http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/costume/view/21507) I also wore a onesie that fitted another character another pre-con night...I've never gotten anything but good feedback for my onesie exploits. (Plus, omg, so comfy. <3)

02 May 2014 - 15:14113189
exactly what everyone else has said, I'm getting a Diego Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger cosplay which has a hooded coat in the future and you'll find many people walking around in onesies...hell I did that back in October 2012 at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party ...but that's another story for later.

Don't worry about going as Pikachu or any other character that is a Onesie...you'll do fine

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