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11 Apr 2014 - 22:50112694
Need some help, I want to go to Gemucon, but the only problem is, is that I'm going to have to pay another £45 for my mom to be with me...though I don't mind.

What is Gemucon like, I've had been told by a few friends that Gemucon isn't great, stay away from Gemucon etc, but I really wanna know for myself. Is it any good?

12 Apr 2014 - 17:20112711
It really depends on who you go with. I went to the last one, there wasn't much to do but I still had an amazing time due to all my friends.

One thing to keep in mind is that last year was their first time running so they hadn't quite got the hang of things, it was also crammed with people who were only there for the guests so didn't get involved much with the actual convention. However this year people who have had previous experience at other cons will be going and there has been rumours that the committee themselves will be putting on much more events as they learned from their previous mistakes of not doing so.

Also this year they have a much better venue. They are holding it where Ayacon used to be held therefore actually having the space to put more event on and such. Last year this was a huge problem because the dealers room and games room were all the way on the top floor and the lift was kind of broken so that meant taking the stairs. But if you know the Warwick University you will know that that won't be a problem this time.

Lastly last year we found out that no one who worked in the hotel were first aid, and the last person who was they let go, the committee were rather angry finding this out. However this year they have double check that there will be first aid trained people on site, you'll be happy to hear that ALL of their workers are first aid trained.

You also have to keep in mind that this is mainly a social con so it's pretty much what you decide to make it.


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12 Apr 2014 - 20:37112719
Thanks for the help there Tori ^^

I was shot down quite a bit but I don't think I'm gonna go to AmeChibi next year alongside Kitacon and Minamicon as I don't like the ideas of it being in a hotel (it just kinda scares me that you can get hurt if you're not careful).

13 Apr 2014 - 14:27112753
Well you can get hurt anywhere if your not careful really.

From my own personal experience I would actually recommend choosing a hotel convention rather than a campus one if your worried about getting hurt because the dorms are sometimes a little bit of a walk away from all the main areas and events. At least in a hotel you just need to make a trip upstairs.


13 Apr 2014 - 15:09112755
yea, I remember seeing that one girl in the MLP cosplay fursuit who nearly passed out due to the heat last year at Ayacon...I almost did and I was in the Marie P4G cosplay! ¬__¬

But yea, I see where you're coming from hun, at least with the hotel, you can head up to your room for a nap or chillout and have something to eat and drink in peace.

*shrugs* Guess it comes down to finances, hoping AmeChibi, Kitacon and Minamicon aren't gonna be that expensive.

13 Apr 2014 - 15:19112756
Generally, a hotel con is cheaper than a uni/campus con, because even if you don't go for the discounted room rates, there are so many websites out there that enable you to get cheap hotel rooms it's really simple to get a good deal. Plus with hotels you pay on arrival, with Gemucon you have to pay on room booking.

Convention tickets themselves are usually all the same price, if not there isn't a huge difference. Miami abd Kitacon both sell out pretty quick though so it's best to have the money to pay as soon as you can!

13 Apr 2014 - 15:40112759
yea. I know Kita is gonna be June/July time since Amechibi is March next year. I would like to go, hoping I jump in and get the ticket. I'm gonna obviously email both again next year and see if my mom would be able to get a carer's pass (which no doubt she would be able to).

The only thing that put me off was the fact that Kitacon is in the hotel hilton and it was something like £400 either way (with discount and without discount).

13 Apr 2014 - 16:18112762
With no experience of what gemu was like I didn't hear great things. I've been going to cons for a few years now and to be honest you get more of your moneys worth from a campus con then you do a hotel. Hotels are out for business and can charge a hell of a lot more but do so with variable rates such are early booking rates whereas campus cons do not unless you try booking separate from the con itself is don't book under a con rate. That said they can facilitate more in the way of needs such as specific room requirements etc. Campus cons are and tend to be what you make of them and what you do.
In terms of minami, its quite a small con, very social and you generally make your own fun with panels and catching up with friends (in my exp).
Similarly campus cons like aya and amecon tend to draw more to the big events such as the masquerade and things like the omake.
I'd say weigh up what it'll cost you outright and go from there. As for trying to get a carers pass for your mum, I suspect she'll have to pay in full too as she is attending even as a carer. But most committees are pretty friendly and open so I'd go with your plan of emailing.
If its a first con the I suggest hitting a hotel convention as the campus ones are limited with things like amenities and restaurants whereas hotels are usually situated in or near a city centre close to said things.
Either way worth just weighing up which will cost more and which will be more your cup of tea!

13 Apr 2014 - 16:35112763
Although keep in mind that where Gemucon is being held this year does have restaurants and shops on campus, rather close to all the events too. Kita next year though is again at the Hilton but the closest places for food is the NEC and it is not cheap, and the city centre is a hour bus ride away.

You'll find every convention has it's pros and cons, and it will always come down to what you decide to make of it. For example, I would say Kitacon is my favourite con, however I do know people who actually dislike it, and we all have understandable reasons for why we feel this way.


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13 Apr 2014 - 17:49112765
@neomogrox - I know that with Gemucon, I'd have to pay 2x £49 for me and my mom, though I don't mind and the hotel is near to the convention site and it's only £199 for the four nights.

@Tori Yummai - yea, that's what I don't like about places like Hilton hotel, so chances are I won't be attending that one. Depending where AmeChibi is, I'll give that one a go and I'll probably give Gemucon a go.

Too bad Aya finished last year, that was quite a blast!

13 Apr 2014 - 18:23112767
With every convention you're going to get your ups and downs. I spent a few years testing the waters and now I've got a pretty good idea of what type of cons that I like personally, so that would be one with a good range of panels and decent photography spots. Minami, which was mentioned above is great for panels but you dont get much in the way of places to photograph your cosplays in the same way that other conventions might.

For me, Gemu won't be one that I'll be attending - it's gamer based and even though I really really love games, there isn't much focus of anything else and the guests from what I can tell are people who play games online or blog about them and what have you. I heard a lot of bad things, mainly to do with the venue to be fair but even then I just don't see much which could attract me in the same ways the other conventions listed would.

So yeah, spend a little time figuring out what you like and dont like in a con, not all of the ones you test out will be perfect or live up to expectations. We wont all like the same thing and its down to you on whether you feel that your money was well spent.

13 Apr 2014 - 19:54112768
yea, I'm weighing up whether or not to do conventions. I love doing the london film and comic con, but I don't see myself doing it again next year. Kitacon I may miss due to the fact like Tori said, it's one hour to the shopping center and I was told if I was to go to Kita next year, not to eat anything in the hotel.

13 Apr 2014 - 20:26112769
Depending on how you are in terms of space and cosplays you can bring your own food. We stocked up at tesco on things we knew we would use quickly or would last the whole weekend. If you stay on site you get breakfast so load up then and take things like fruit with you. They also had a room set aside where you could get food discounted, it wasnt the best food ever in my opinion but it kept me from keeling over - We ordered pizza in one night too so its definitely doable! It's just a case of finding out what is available to you on site, sometimes hotel rooms have minibars in them so you can keep food cooled. Kitacon is one I may have to rethink depending upon how many panels they get next time, it was really bare and I found myself having a lot of downtime in comparison to the one previous to this one.

13 Apr 2014 - 22:26112776
yea, I found with Ayacon, with it being in Warwick Uni, it was full of places to eat and drink and I recall that the spar (or whatever it was) was open 24/7 for the convention as well as you could get dominos delivered there (which I wish I did get before I headed home)

Kitacon, I'm gonna wait to see if they have anything decent, same with AmeChibi and Minami...though I will get the ticket for AmeChibi before they sell out as well as Kita and Minami.

I'm gonna wait until after LFCC is over and then get the tickets if there is any for Gemucon. I'm probably going to keep my butt in the games room since I never much like the panels.

13 Apr 2014 - 23:46112777
okay, so having a look at the hotel where AmeChibi is...I think I'm not going to bother, because for four nights (thursday to sunday) on the date the con is, and it came up to £600.

14 Apr 2014 - 09:49112786
Keep in mind, Gemucon is now at Warwick University this year and Amechibi is where Gemucon was last year which was a bit of a dump.

Also keep in mind that Amechibi haven't put up their discounted rates yet. So it will be a lot cheaper in future.


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