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11 Apr 2014 - 16:16112682
Looking back at old cosplays?
Cleaning up my Cosplay Island today, I found myself looking at my old cosplays and thinking 'Wow, how did I let myself leave the house like that?' or 'Did I really think that looked good?'

I suppose this happens when you improve at anything, but it really is weird to look back on your old stuff that you once thought was good and realise that it was actually really really bad.

Should I try to find it encouraging that I've come so far or just be embarrassed about it? Does anyone else do this when they look back at their old stuff?

11 Apr 2014 - 16:24112683
When I look back at the first ones I did, its easy to see the flaws in them. However I do like having a record here that shows how much things have improved (and I want to see myself kep improving).

11 Apr 2014 - 16:50112685
i think over the years we all learn from our mistakes, i remember when i started i didnt wear wigs and then i wore wigs that were of a rubbish quality

theres always room for improvements

11 Apr 2014 - 18:15112686
Oh my goodness! Yes, looking back at my first cosplay I am literally embarrassed to have been seen in public like that, but it does show how much you can progress as a Cosplayer, we all have to start somewhere

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11 Apr 2014 - 18:34112689
I cringe looking back at my early cosplays, in particular my first! ^^;

I think it just shows how far along you've come as a cosplayer

11 Apr 2014 - 19:20112690
Considering it was the first sewing project I made on such a scale I was sorta proud in a way but at the same time I am really relieved with the progress I have made over the years. If anything, I was quite content with my first, apart from the wig, considering my experience but until mid 2011 I was kinda mixed with each costume.

I am much more comfortable to take on bigger challenges these days so hopefully my progress and confidence will continue to skyrocket

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11 Apr 2014 - 20:22112691
One of my friends brought this topic up the other day to which I pretty much responded with 'I still cringe very much til the point of viewing the old photos and feeling embarrassed' ^^;

However, I still choose to keep up all the cosplays I have ever made to give me 'physical photo evidence' of how far I've come as a cosplayer and I see it as more of a positive message to yourself

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11 Apr 2014 - 23:06112696
Quote Pandora-Chi:

However, I still choose to keep up all the cosplays I have ever made to give me 'physical photo evidence' of how far I've come as a cosplayer and I see it as more of a positive message to yourself

Yeah, this makes a lot of sense! I deleted a few today but kept some up for this reason, including my first ever cosplay even if it is awful in its wigless ill-fitting glory just to keep a record of how far I've come from when I started.

11 Apr 2014 - 23:22112697
I have a special attachment to my first costume. I made it in 2009 and it's still my favorite. Does anyone else feel that way?

14 Apr 2014 - 01:03112781
@Kei, I still have one of my first costumes. I made it back in 1990 and I am quite proud that is still in good condition.

I look back at my older cosplays and see how much I've grown as a seamstres. I've learnt a lot and in many ways still learning. Even though I'm now very experienced I do still find things to learn. That is what I love so much about the hobby as there is always something new out there.

14 Apr 2014 - 09:44112785
Yup, I'm the same as most people here I think - even though in hindsight I can see there were things that obviously didn't work in the older costumes like sloppy construction and stuff, I still like having the record just to remind myself how much I've improved! I think it's nice for other people to see as well sometimes, that learning new things has been a gradual process over time, rather than just suddenly perfect costumes from the beginning!

14 Apr 2014 - 10:02112787
I don't mind looking back at old photos and thinking 'oh considering I didn't know how to do x and y, for when this was made, it wasn't TOO bad. I look tolerable at least!'

Its more when I handle old cosplays and I see the construction up close and I just think 'WHAT ARE HEMS?!' and it makes me sad because I know some of the old outfits I wouldn't feel comfortable rewearing nowadays because of just how much I've improved.

I also like looking at other people's old cosplays and recognising them from before I knew/was friends with them. Its always nice to have that moment of recognition!

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14 Apr 2014 - 15:00112790
For me it's more the characters I was choosing...picked some silly characters that look nothing like me LOL But at least I enjoyed being them.

We all learn and grow ^_^ It's nice sometimes to see where we came from!

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18 Apr 2014 - 04:18112855
I'm still pretty much learning to get better at cosplay but going back to my first in 2011 I do think to myself. God how did I think that was cosplaying! I looked awful. No makeup, no wig styling. Just a bought outfit (granted a very well made one as I spent ages researching the best premade seller) and a wig - again proud I went for a wig as I did have the same hair colour and could have been worse and gone with mine even though it was the wrong style.

I still have a lot to learn with making cosplay from scratch (I edit clothes and make props but nothing with a sewing machine) and I'm just learning to cut wigs.

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