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07 Apr 2014 - 19:38112578
Good quality Thor wig?
Okay so I'm looking for a good quality wig that could be used for a Thor cosplay, from The Dark World where his hair is
tied back, so something where the cap or elastic on the wig wouldn't show through. Help would be very much appreciated!!

Some reference pics!:



07 Apr 2014 - 20:19112581
My wig for Dark World Thor is a synthetic lacefront by a brand called 'It's A Wig!' in a style called Royal.

That particular make have nice natural blonds, are heat stylable to a certain temperature and a lot of them are tangle resistant, but I'm sure you can find another wig similar to that online.

I ended up altering the lace front hairline and have since added some extra wefts in, but that's because I got really fussy. XD The base wig did just fine and you can probably find one on the Bay of E!

The bottom pictures here and the journal show you my wig that I started off with: http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/costume/view/74629

FB Cosplay Page: Harry Kurt Cosplay

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