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06 Apr 2014 - 14:17112535
Pudge (Dota 2) Fat suit
I've run into a bit of a problem.
I'm not too sure how to make a suit this fat, with those tall shoulders:

I've found various fat suits, like this:
But I don't think it'll be big enough.

Does anybody have any ideas?

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22 Apr 2014 - 00:32112957
I think maybe using the fat suit as a base but then buying either a second one of similar colour fabric and basically building the shoulders onto it. The character (unfortunately I am not familiar with) seems to have seams/cuts on the arms/shoulders so that can be how you hide attaching the shoulder part to the main body. Also depending on how stretchy the fabric is/what the suit is stuffed with you can buy some toy stuffing from places like Hobbycraft and by making a hole on the inside of the suit then top up the stuffing to make it fatter. Quite often though people will know what your cosplaying by the cosplay as a whole. So even if your not 100% as big as the reference the fact your wearing a fat suit with the right scars and stuff will give you away more. You can give the illusion of bigger legs by buying a large pair of tracksuit pants for the trousers and sewing them directly to the suit. Then stuffing the excess space from your leg to the tracksuit pants with toy stuffing again to give the illusion your legs are fatter than they are. Finally building a large pair of fake feet onto a pair of shoes will help to make your legs look shorter. Plus a lot more comfortable to attend the convention in then bare footed.

A quick search online shows how this person did their Boomer cosplay from L4D. I know there not exactly the same but there using tricks which are similar to those I've described but sometimes it's better when you can see what their doing so here's a link:

Best of Luck Looking forward to seeing your progress

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