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30 Mar 2014 - 09:33112356
Please help me find Disney Anna Boots

https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/t1.0-9/10157179_10203574096659971_2047981778_n.jpgHi does anyone know a place in the UK or Europe that I can
get some proper embroidered boots for Anna that look near
screen accurate in both shape and colours?
I am at my wits end it is the only thing I need to complete
my costume. I see a lot of sellers on ebay selling the
costume itself, but not the boots which is bizarre
considering they complete the costume.
I have tried hand painting but worried about the paint
cracking over time and maybe getting slightly wet if I
had to do a sudden dash in rain to get to where I need to be like.
I have been shown some boots in Italy but they are not the right
colour and heel shape is awful, I couldn't even walk on those.
Disney store have some excellent shaped boots for kids and
would be great apart from the sequins, but only do up to
kids size 1. Trouble is they need to be properly embroidered on
an industrial machine before the boot is actually put
together and sewn.
Being also in a professional costume group they look at
every single detail and if it doesn't look like the picture they
won't clear my costume, which is what happened with my Merida costume.
They didn't like my bow, but I did, so because of that they
wouldn't clear my costume.

I am an adult UK size 4 but mostly I am in between sizes like
3 1/2.

If anyone knows where I can get some done or made for a good
price, please let me know here or message me here.

Thank you for reading

Tracy The Pink Princess

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30 Mar 2014 - 11:35112360
I know this isn't exactly what you're asking for but when I was little I used to wear painted shoes (I ONLY wore painted shoes in fact) - I remember they were pretty glossy, possibly with a varnish or treatment on the leather, and the paint didn't rub off or crack. So perhaps looking into that is an idea.

My only other advice is to commission a re-enactors merchant =) They'll take on strange requests at times, since they make the shoes themselves they could do special orders. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful ._.;

My boyfriend went to http://www.reenactorsmarket.co.uk/ (there is a list of dealers on the site, might be worth a look) earlier this month - we have a possible recommendation - Stagmans Creations - he thinks those are the people that had impressive painted leathers etc so may be worth a look, and if they can't do what you're asking, they will know other merchants that do.


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30 Mar 2014 - 12:21112361
Hi I'm also making an Anna cosplay and my plan is to find a pair of boots of the similar shape and then paint the red onto them. To add the detal I'm going to create leather spats and paint them. To me the detail doesn't look embroiled and leather is hard to embroid in real life because it weekens it.

31 Mar 2014 - 15:56112374
Hi, I know the Disneyworld ones are embroidered. As said have
tried hand painting but it doesn't exactly look neat. I know
I like to make these costumes for myself, but also being in
this costume group they will look at every detail there.
If it doesn't look professional then they won't allow
me to troop in it. The kids ones would be embroidered to
looking at them. I will look at your website suggestions

If anyone who has more ideas could please message me personally
rather than me have to keep looking and searching for my post
that would be great.
Thank you

Tracy The Pink Princess
31 Mar 2014 - 16:37112375
not to be a kill joy but i don't think you will ever get them park standard, i have been in the Walt Disney world costume department they have on site shoe and hat makers and unless you can find someone who can make the shoe from scratch (i.e make the pattern then build the shoe), you are going to have real trouble.
Also disney do not sell retiered garment(trust me I asked!)

if you want the embrodery you may need to get a machine; embroider the pattern onto the leather fabric then either aplique it on or stitch it on.

Another idea is to make a boot cover.

Other than that paint should do the trick make sure it is fabric paint as that is more likey to last then ordinary paint.

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07 Apr 2014 - 23:02112587
You could try a theatrical shoe maker to get them accurate - Gamba is a start. There are others but I can't remember them off the top of my head. If you're interested hit me up later when I get back to work & colleagues might be able to help.

Paint will work fine if you use acrylic paint. It's flexible enough to stick to leather & move with it for the short amount of time that you'd be cosplaying & then touch-up-able if needed before the next one.

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