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28 Mar 2014 - 11:02112326
im currently working on a large full size costume at the moment , however im beginning to wonder how I could transport it to the London excel centre from surrey. I hav previousely worn a full size pac man costume there before but the trains and DLR and tube were all relatively quiet ,I could wear it but have no idear yet as to how practical this might be in adittion the escalator were frightening inside my pac man costume ive seen people bring huge costumes to events before but always wondered how they did so? anybody let m know hoe hey did it with theirs or how I could do it?

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28 Mar 2014 - 18:34112330
I think this video should help a bit:

Just remember to put the captions on in YT.

A big, sturdy suitcase and bubble wrap are your friends when it comes to this.


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28 Mar 2014 - 20:43112336
I tend to squeeze my large costume in my tiny car to get to london ... we stay at beckton premier inn so we DLR to expo ... I wear half of it on the dlr, carry what i can myself and my sister/friend carries the rest of it for me ^^

28 Mar 2014 - 22:06112337
as in you are staying at home and wearing it to the con?
if so i would prob suggest if it can be taken in bits and assembled there to do that. imagine getting on a crowded tube and you're in a massive cosplay XD prob easier to walk in too
kinda like how im not gonna be wearing my half naked cosplay on the tube... embarrassing and not exactly public transport appropriate
im in surrey too just on the edge though near caterham

29 Mar 2014 - 21:24112352
thanks for the advice so far . I will be weaing the cactuar costume if I get it finished, the main section is to large to make smaller but I could keep the limbs detachable and possibly keep them inside . regarding the driving to expo how is parking also is it expensive and where can ya park? I was considering getting a van or hiring a small coach and getting driven there on Friday and back on sudnay, the thought of driving in london scares me I gotta say ! . also ey another surrey cosplayer woop! my step sister lives in caterham .

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29 Mar 2014 - 23:43112354
The excel centre has it's own carpark ^^ ... it's right underneath the centre and is just as big as the building ... but it costs £15 per car for 24 hours ... transit vans are £20 ... http://www.excel-london.co.uk/visiting-excel/travel-guide/travel-by-road/ ... Expensive DX ... I can't say i blame you , driving in London is hideous XD

01 Apr 2014 - 15:07112395
Driving in London can be awkward but if you have a particularly large costume then transporting it by car or van may be your best and safest option. The DLR gets packed over Expo weekend so you will struggle to fit on and keep your costume from being damaged by people pushing and shoving. Sometimes bus replacements run also adding to the crowding.

03 Apr 2014 - 21:00112466
I would definitely say, if there is anything you can leave until you get to expo and then put it on there - DO THAT.

My costume has quite large wings and I was very worried about them getting damaged on the journey, so I'm going to try and find a way to carry them and then put them on when I get there

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