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24 Mar 2014 - 00:42112218
Embroidery software
Hey guys,

Seen a Kickstarter campaign that could be useful for anyone who does embroidery - Just thought I'd share it.

It's called Embroidermodder 2.

Seems to come with the idea of supporting several platforms. I do have a question relating to embroidery/embroidery software, though:

Does anyone here use any embroidery software or even just do embroidery? As a newb to the whole scene (But absolutely loving the DIY fun of making a costume/sourcing materials), it's not something I'd have immediately considered. Is it a skill that can come in handy later down the line - Or do fabric paints work just as well for cosplay?

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24 Mar 2014 - 10:53112226
Ahh I had to reply to this post! I love doing hand embroidery and do it in a lot of my cosplays! I've even started doing tutorials for it on my page over here:


Personally I really love it because it is a way to add more texture and detailing to an outfit that you can't quite create with fabric paint. There is a multitude of different stitches out there that can create a variety of looks, and you can combine various coloured threads to really make designs pop and stand out!

Also, you can use embroidery to outline fabric paint or other details and patterns, instead of making it the same design. Changing layers and textures I feel really makes outfits seem more 'real' and lifelike.

That said embroidery certainly is time consuming, and you will always need more thread than you think you will need. (Most embroidery thread comes in lengths of 8m - this is absolutely NEVER enough!) But I always think the end result really shows how much time and effort you've put into it!

I should probably add that fabric paint is great as well and I still use it for a lot of projects. I find it is a case of looking at an outfit and working out 'would this be embroidered if it was real?' 'Is this just a fancy pattern I could paint on?' And also take into account any time constraints you might have.

Here's some examples I've used:

I'm going to slash your pillow and tear out all the stuffing with a motorbike made of jelly.

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24 Mar 2014 - 23:52112244

The pictures do really show how embroidery can make an "Okay" costume piece turn into something great.

I guess this is it - If you have the time (and skill) to do so, do it. It makes the piece "Pop out" and feel more natural than just using fabric paints.

One day I'll have to go and attempt it. For now, I should probably learn how to sew properly and stick with the basics. Such as using thermoplastics to make a full arm a-- wait, I'm calling that basic?! Haha

Thanks for sharing! One day, I'll be able to show off my costumes without feeling too silly about it But that's part of the fun for a new cosplayer I think. Seeing and learning new skills which can be used to improve costumes!

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