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17 Mar 2014 - 06:15112084
changing shoe colour
Please help
I am the guy who does wonder woman for charity at the comic cons. I am always told i should wear wonder woman boots. tried that but nothing fit, I always joke that if anyone can find shoes to fit me i would wear them.
well some one did they are a stilletto and they do fit, but they are black, can wonder woman wear black heels or is there a way I can paint them red?? but not have the paint flake off the minhute i wear them. like crease lines that show up on any shoe

please help

17 Mar 2014 - 09:20112088
pretty sure there is a leather paint out there somewhere
or make boot covers?

17 Mar 2014 - 10:56112089
When I was colouring leather belts for one of my costumes I used this:


I found that it worked extremely well and was very flexible with the leather. You will need at least three to four coats of it, but you can use a hairdryer to help with the drying process.

18 Mar 2014 - 19:50112116
Dylon do a shoe dye which worked on my Madam Red boots. It's more of a paint, so it's a real pain to do, but it worked really well. Alternatively, for my Stark Expo girl boots I'm using spray paint, which also seems to work ok, although you need to be sure to prime the boots and lacquer them afterwards.


I have no idea what you're talking about, but it's evident that your fantasies are completely incoherent.
21 Mar 2014 - 06:36112162
However, sadly that won't work over black shoes. Leather is like wigs, you can only really make it darker. You can either (as sonnet suggested) make boot covers or, you can use spray paint primer in a grey or white, then spray paint then spray paint sealant. It's a very long process and can cost a fair whack though. Similarly, airbrushing works if you prime and seal the shoes/boots.

What size are your feet btw, I am a google ninja and I've been looking for larger shoes for a friend who has above average sized feet for a lady so I might be able to find you something?

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24 Mar 2014 - 06:48112222
the shoes i have been given are 3 inch heel size 10 EEE in size
i have a high arch . the wife states court shoes would be best followed by wedges
thank you for your help

24 Mar 2014 - 13:52112228
Make some shoe covers, there's several tutorials around, do a google search, but basically you make a long sock out of stretchy Lycra material you wear over the shoe with a little hole for the shoe's heel to poke out of.

To get the shape just tightly wrap a piece of the fabric around your leg with the shoe on, then pin it together, then take it off and the pins will show you where to sew. The tutorials explain it better than I do. You could get the Wonder Woman look by making them out of red fabric and sewing on a white stripe afterwards perhaps.

You might have problems with the covers falling down a bit and looking wrinkly after a bit, so you might need to stiffen then or sew them into thick tights ( I had to do this for my Ms Marvel costume)

Oh and practice walking in the heels, if you are not used to them it will come as a bit of a shock.

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